Did Occult Powers help Leicester City win the English Premier League (EPL)?

Leicester City FC Captain being blessed by a Buddhist Monk 
Leicester City FC has won the 2016 English Premier League (EPL) title. At the start of the season the odds of them winning the league was 5000/1. That is; £1 bet would fetch £5,000. Nobody gave them a chance because they merely survived relegation the previous season.

And their manager, Claudio Ranieri, was just sacked by Greece for failing to win a match out of the five games that he managed. That was then, but today they are champions.

How did Leicester win the EPL title? The inquest has started. Leicester shouldn’t have won the title in a league where money is everything.

For instance, Leicester’s starting XI (first eleven) cost just £23 million compared to Manchester City’s £292m. Even Diego Costa (£32m) of Chelsea costs more than Leicester’s starting XI.

No wonder some commentators initially labelled Leicester’s title challenge as fairytale. But their fans are happy and having the last laugh.

Apparently, this is one of those times when money is not everything. If money was everything  Leicester wouldn't have been Champions.

Leicester’s victory is now a case study. Psychologists, motivational speakers, and several other experts have been analysing how they pulled it off.

In all, every one agrees that leadership style was behind the club’s success. But religious people believe otherwise.

However, if Leicester’s triumph was spiritual, then they didn’t pray to God ‘through Jesus Christ our Lord’.

Rather, they relied on Buddhist monks for their spiritual needs. And the monks were periodically flown into England from Thailand by the Chairman of Leicester, Mr Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha, .

Nevertheless, nobody can say for sure if the monks were responsible for the club’s victory. Besides, Chief Monk Phra Prommangkalachan was quick to add that Leicester’s victory didn’t come from him.

But Singapore Christians’ opinions suggest that Leicester’s victory may have come from occult powers. They noted that Phra told Associated Press that he prayed for Leicester City from 2am till 4am Bangkok time. And that was the exact time Tottenham was playing Chelsea.

In addition, Phra told Thailand’s Spring News cable TV channel: “I scoured through all my books and manual, for anything that could be used to bless a football team. But there was no football in ancient times. However, I found blessings for war, which is similar to football games … It seemed the most fitting for the situation, so I used this.”

You heard Phra very well; he used war blessings for Leicester City. Perhaps that explains why the game between Tottenham and Chelsea was like a war. Nine out off eleven Tottenham players were shown yellow cards.

That was the first time 9 yellow cards were shown at a football match in the history of English Premier League.

It was also surprising to watch a Chelsea side that has been poor throughout the season to fight back from 2 – 0 down. Chelsea players were ready to spill their blood in a match that they had nothing to gain.

Incidentally, Leicester players became champions sitting in front of their TV sets watching Chelsea fight their battle for them.

By the way, Phra predicted that Leicester will win the league at the start of the season when their odds of winning was 5000/1.

Remarkably, majority of Leicester players remained fit and injury free throughout the season. This could be partly due to the blessings the players received from the Monks before every match.

Another prediction of Phra is that Leicester will do well in European football. We are waiting.

Sadly, it is usually Christians who are quick to accuse others of using occult powers. And I thought Christians say all powers belong to God.

Despite what anyone has in mind, Leicester players are English champions whether or not they achieved it through occult powers.

And instead of crying more than the bereaved, Singapore Christians can showcase their non-occult Christian power by blessing Sunderland FC in order to win the EPL league next season.