A Father’s Encounter With His Christian Son (1)

SON: Papa; you know that I love you very much. You have done so much for me in this life that I will forever remain grateful. But there is one final favour that I need from you.
PAPA: What is it?
SON: I want you to know CHINEKE (God) and accept his son Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal saviour.
PAPA: is anything wrong with you?
SON: No! Papa
PAPA: wait a minute, are you saying that I don’t know CHINEKE
SON: Yes Papa
PAPA: how do you know?
SON: because you are not a Christian.
PAPA: is God a Christian?
SON: But Jesus said in John 14:6 "I am the way and the truth and the 
life. No one comes to the Father except through me”
PAPA: which father was Jesus referring to?
SON: our heavenly father God.
PAPA: so we share the same father with Jesus.
SON: Yes Papa; since we were created by one God.
PAPA: and you are telling that if I don’t go through my brother Jesus I will not see our father
SON: Papa you are committing blasphemy; Jesus is our Lord and personal saviour. He is God made flesh not our brother.
PAPA: So that’s the much you can show for all the resources I spent in training you at school
SON: Papa; but I have shown you my certificate.
PAPA: My son; I sent you to school to acquire knowledge and not certificate. No wonder you are still searching for a job while your mates are already managers in their different fields.
SON: Papa; But I only asked you to know CHINEKE.
PAPA: MECHIE ONU (Keep quiet); who told you that I don’t know CHINEKE, which my ancestors also referred to as EKE KERE UWA - (God that created the world) OBASI NO N’ELU – (the King that resides in heaven), CHI-UKWU – (the highest GOD). My ancestors knew and worshipped GOD, which means CHINEKE in IGBO language before Europeans brought their Christianity to Africa.
UNCLE: Brother; I heard your voice all the way from the gate; hope all is well.
PAPA: how can all be well; my son said I don’t know CHINEKE.
UNCLE: what!!! Is he now a born again or is it burn again?
PAPA: What do you mean? That somebody has born my son again for me or for himself?
UNCLE: Hahaha! Never mind, whenever he recovers from whatever that burnt him he will realise that a sensible rat does not run into a hole that it did not dig. He will also learn what St Paul realised when he took Christianity to Greece.
PAPA: What happened in Greece?
UNCLE: Paul told them that he came to introduce GOD to them. They showed him all the gods they had including the unknown GOD. Incidentally, Paul came to talk about the unknown GOD.
PAPA: So what did Paul want to teach a people about the (unknown) GOD they already believed in and worshiped?
UNCLE: In my opinion nothing except that they should abandon their ways of worshiping GOD and follow his. His way is better. The same thing they told Africans and they believed them.

to be continued...