A Father’s Encounter with his Christian son (2)

PAPA: So what did Paul teach the Greeks about God that they didn’t already know?
UNCLE: Please ask our Born Again, the Pastor and the General Overseer…
SON: Uncle, although the Greeks knew the unknown God before the arrival of Paul, they also had other gods that they worshiped. So Paul came to tell them to worship only the GOD Almighty as HE commanded in Exodus 20:3 “Do not have other gods beside ME”.
PAPA: Well, NDIGBO didn't have other gods beside CHINEKE. Our ancestors had mediators such as Njoku, Amadioha etc., which they passed through to GOD because they were very fearful of CHI-UKWU (GOD). Just like the Jews said to Moses; ‘Speak to us and we will hear, but let not God speak with us lest we die’; Exodus 20:19.
SON: But this Njoku is a carved image, which GOD frowned at in Exodus 20:4. Moreover, Jesus said in John 14:6; "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.
UNCLE: Okay, is that why you have the image of Jesus on the cross in your churches?
PAPA: which they bow down to as if that’s not idol worshiping. Is that image of Jesus on the cross not carved? What is the difference between our carved Njoku and your carved image of Jesus on the cross? 
SON: Papa, please stop this blasphemy.
PAPA: OH! It’s blasphemy to talk about your religion but when you castigate my own religion it is not blasphemy. 
UNCLE: Our African Christians don’t like to hear the truth.
PAPA: When they have been brainwashed. The Europeans came to Africa; replaced our way of life with Christianity, our idol with theirs (carved Jesus on the cross); our altar with their altar; our priests with theirs…,
SON: But Christianity brought love, for heaven sake.
PAPA: Yes; love your neighbour as yourself and they took our people as slaves, shackled, raped and forced them to work in their plantations in the West Indies and the Americas. I guess that is the definition of love. 
UNCLE: Brother; there was something good the missionaries did. If not because of them I wouldn't have seen my wife to marry.
PAPA: Is your wife a twin?
UNCLE: How did you know?
PAPA: stopping the killing of twins was the only beneficial change they brought that I can think of. Okay, there is another change they have introduced now.
UNCLE: What is that?
PAPA: That a man can marry a man. It is called human right.
UNCLE: But in the Bible they said that GOD instructed Adam and Eve to go to the world and multiply.
PAPA: Yeah! If Adam and Eve (man and woman) can meet and multiple; Adam and Adam (man and man) or Eve and Eve (woman and woman) can also meet and multiply. 
UNCLE: How can that be possible?
PAPA: Please don’t ask me, I didn’t form the above formula. 
UNCLE: That’s an abomination. But what did our African Christians say.
PAPA: They said they will not accept homosexuality because it is not an African tradition.
UNCLE: But is Christianity an African culture? 
PAPA: You see because Africans accepted everything the Europeans said in the past; they now want them to sleep with their fellow men.
UNCLE: Our born-again son hasn't said anything since.
SON: What do you want me to say, this is total blasphemy, remember that Jesus died on the cross to save you and I.
PAPA: How can Jesus die to save me when the same Jesus said; “I was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel" (Matt. 15:24). Are you from Israel? 
UNCLE: but we are NDIGBO; the lost tribe of Israel.
PAPA: Please can I listen to something else? 

To be continued…