Hell Is Earth, Heaven Is Death
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Prophet T.B Joshua: A Man of God Or A Satanic Man?

When I heard of the ‘sudden’ death of Prophet TB Joshua (TB), my initial thought was, so these men of god are mortals after all. 

How could a man who performed all unimaginable miracles die young, and suddenly?

During his time on earth, TB performed incredible ‘miracle’s. For instance, his mystical surgery on a woman ‘afflicted’ with fibroid tumour was beyond belief. In the presence of everyone, TB caused the fibroid tumour to fall off the woman’s vagina in a pool of blood. Remarkable!

A Black Man/African Is Easily Brainwashed

If a black man/African is not being brainwashed by a freedom fighter (supposed), he is brainwashed by an Imam (Islam) or a Pastor (Christianity) or a Politician.

We cannot think for ourselves. We allow a freedom fighter to think for us, and nobody must question the ‘saviour’.

We allow our Imam or our Pastor to tell us how to live our lives, even when to sleep with your wives. You must not question the man of god to avoid pestilence befalling you.

Buhari’s Government Of ‘Repentant’ Terrorists

The criminal justice system assumes that there’s a probability for a first offender to re-offend. 

Hence, criminal records were developed to keep the data of criminals and the types of crimes they committed.

Since a re-offender will likely commit the same type of crime, the Police uses the criminal records system to eliminate suspects in relation to the type of crime they are investigating.


Someone asked me to explain capitalism to him. Well, capitalism is simply Matthew 25:29. And what does it say? “For to everyone who has will more be given, and he will have an abundance. But from the one who has not, even what he has will be taken away.” 

As 144,000 shall inherit heaven: so shall the meek inherit the earth

AMADIOHA (Africa’s god of thunder and lightening) has visited bigoted Trump and his America

Ome N’ala Igbo (Igbo/African Tradition) is a Religion

Woman Marries A Man In European/Christian Tradition, Man Marries A Woman In Igbo/African Traditions – The Fallout

Ephesians 5:31 of the Christian bible states; - "…a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh." This is purely European tradition.

Therefore, if a man leaves his father and mother to join his wife, it invariably means that he has left his father’s house to go and live with his wife in her own house. The woman has married him.

God created Diversity and He’s Not Stupid

If Thou Shall Not Judge How Shall Thou Forgive?

African (Igbo) Tradition as contained in Psalm 7

My Forefather’s Encounter at the Gates of Heaven

eBible Fellowship: the world will end on 7/October/2015 – but the world didn’t end.

In Ome N’ala: A son is not responsible for his Father’s debts if:-

Is Homosexuality Alien to Africa?

Majority of Africans all over the world have been making a lot of noise about the legalisation of Gay marriage by the US Supreme court.

Slavery and Colonialism Were The Purpose of Christianity

While disagreeing with my article titled; Slavery and Colonialism: the purpose of Christianity, a commentator pointed out that ‘Christianity existed way before British/American slave owners used it for their own twisted advantages.’