Hell Is Earth, Heaven Is Death

Governor CC. Soludo, The Solution: Let The Biafra Of The Mind Begin

Biafra is an ideology. It represents freedom, political independence, economic independence, etc. 

DIM Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu deemed political independence of Ndigbo as Biafra of Land and our economic independence as Biafra of the mind.

DIM Ojukwu fought for political independence (Biafra) and lost. After the Biafra war, upon reflection, perhaps, DIM Ojukwu concluded that Biafra of Land would be impossible to achieve, except through dialogue. Until the restoration of Biafra of land, Ndigbo should pursue economic independence, which is Biafra of the mind.

USA v Russia: Did USA Bomb Ndigbo during Biafra War?

There is a war in Europe. Russia has invaded Ukraine. A situation Europeans never imagined was possible again after the end of the second world war. But it’s happening.

The war between Russia and Ukraine, in effect, is a proxy war between USA and Russia. 

Ukraine is the pawn on the chess board, while the other pieces on the chess board are the European Union (EU).

Nonetheless, this war has raised some issues such as Racism, Hypocrisy, Colonialism, Slavery, etc. These issues have stimulated opinions.

Gov. Umahi - Aturu n'anyure Odu-ya...

Whether or not Ebonyi state is part of Biafra is really not the issue. The problem with Gov. Umahi is, at any given opportunity he will tell Nigeria and the world how Ebonyi people are/were marginalised by other Igbo people. This is a lie.

Igbo spirit is highly competitive. If you choose a lay-back position instead of working hard, who then do you blame? Anambra state is the richest state in Igbo land, and Nigeria in general, due to their hard work.