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Saudi Oil War: the impact on Nigerian economy

Saudi Arabia, the giant of the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting countries (OPEC) is back at what it knows how to do best; oil warfare.

Christianity: who is fooling who?

A Christian friend invited me to attend a church service for his son’s dedication. The Saturday preceding the church service, I went to a shop to buy some presents for his son. There, I met a young man I have known in the past but who is now a pastor of a church.

Turn by Turn Democracy in Nigeria

Usually, the definition of democracy is government by the people and for the people. But in Nigeria it appears; it has been changed to mean government of our turn and of your turn. Hence, turn by turn democracy.

Why Nigeria's Election Is A Do Or Die Affair

There is fever going on in Nigeria. It is a fever that has nothing to do with the Ebola virus but all to do with Nigeria’s general election coming up in the early months of 2015.

The politics of Ebola

Last week a certain man went to the hospital to check his blood pressure. He was running a high temperature and was immediately isolated from the public. He instantly became an Ebola suspect and so must be tested for the virus. In keeping to safety measures, the hospital personnel put on their protective garments before taking the man’s blood sample for the test.

Why God Doesn’t Answer Prayers

Faith: Hey Tom! You don’t look happy what’s wrong? 
Tom: My brother; A lot is going through my mind. It’s like my head is going to burst any moment from now.