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Abia state: There was once a ‘Mother Excellency’

In May 1999, having won an election, Orji Uzor Kalu was sworn in as the Governor of Abia State.

Few years later, his mother, Chief Mrs Eunice Uzor Kalu began to appear larger than life in the faces of Abia people.

Is it Christmas or Saturnalia?

Every 25th December, Christians all over the world celebrate Christmas; the supposed birthday of Jesus Christ. But in reality, was Jesus born on 25th December? If so, where is it written in the Bible? If not, why celebrate a lie?

There’s no mention of Christmas in the Christian Bible; even the Apostles never celebrated it. More so, the Bible neither stated a particular date when Jesus was born nor did Jesus ask anyone to celebrate his birthday.

However, Luke 2:8 described when Jesus was born (And there were shepherds living out in the fields nearby, keeping watch over their flocks at night).

Is Nigeria prepared for oil price turmoil?

Pres. Jonathan recently said that his government is prepared for the impact falling oil prices will have on the Nigerian economy.

Buhari: the unrepentant integrity activist

Just as he became the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential nominee, Muhammadu Buhari gave the task of selecting his running mate to Bola Tinubu.

Well, Tinubu quickly reminded the world that Buhari’s N/West of Nigeria has the highest number of registered voters seconded by his S/West.

Uche Ogah and the ‘Promise of God’

According to the Bible, God created man in his own image and I suppose that image should be the Spirit of God. In view of this, it’s possible to hear God when He speaks as long as you are in the spirit.

That was the case with Uche Ogah, a ‘born again’ Christian who was promised by God through some ‘men of God’ that he will become the Governor of Abia State in 2015.

Why Muhammadu Buhari Loses Presidential Elections

Muhammadu Buhari has been constantly accused of being a Muslim fundamentalist. 

And he has always denied this accusation.

God Botherers

In Europe, particularly in England, there’s a slang known as God botherers. Urban dictionary defines God botherer as “a person who bothers poor old God too much with [his/her] excessive annoying devotion & who tries to convert people to the lord”; usually against their wish.

Pres. Jonathan’s Self-destruct button

The 2015 general election is barely 3 months away and President Jonathan has, as it stands, secured his party’s presidential nomination.

In my opinion, that’s the only visible thing he has achieved towards his re-election bid. If PDP hadn't offered him an ‘automatic’ ticket, he would have faced party primaries against other aspirants.

The rise of a new Bornu Empire – Boko Haram

‘The downfall of a man is not the end of his life’ is a common saying amongst Africans. With this statement in mind, it seems that the defunct Bornu Empire is about being reinstated, albeit through Boko Haram.