7 Jan 2015

The Doublespeak of Rev. Fr. EJIKE MBAKA – The Pope must hear this

Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka has been around for some time now. Truly, I have always believed that he was a former member of the Catholic Church who founded his own Church (Adoration Chapel), but retained his Catholic identification.

Well, I can’t recall having heard or seen a Catholic Rev. Father or Bishop, even the Pope perform a miracle or see visions. But this is exactly what Fr. Mbaka does.

He is very popular amongst the people of South East of Nigeria who throng daily to receive his ‘spiritual healings’. His large followership can only be compared to a big Pentecostal Church.

But Fr. Mbaka is a serving Priest of the Catholic Church, under a diocese headed by a Bishop. Some of his duties as a Parish Priest include: performing daily mass and hearing of confessions.

He should also be teaching catechism to his parishioners, especially children; performing baptisms, funerals; giving marriage counselling, visiting hospitals to pray for the sick, and so on.

Rather than stick to his official duties as a parish priest, Fr. Mbaka founded his own Church (Adoration Chapel) within the Catholic Church. Or, is Adoration Chapel owned by the Catholic Church?

If the Chapel is owned by the Catholic Church, then, why is Fr. Mbaka permanently stationed there? It is a practice in the Catholic Church that priests are regularly transferred. Even Bishops are moved from one diocese to another.

And thus, if the Chapel is a private estate of Fr. Mbaka; he should explain to the world how a Catholic Priest like him, raised funds to establish Adoration Chapel. In fact, the Pope must hear this.

However, Mbaka has been using his Church for the purported ‘spiritual healing’ of the vulnerable, which has made him a popular and powerful man within the Catholic Church in the South East.

He’s even more powerful than his superiors (Bishops) since none of them has questioned his activities, which have apparently violated the code of conduct of a priest. Or, maybe these Bishops are part of an elaborate scam that’s unfolding.

The worst of his activities is allowing Politicians to use his Church as a platform to canvass for votes. Nobody should forget the lives that were lost as a result of the stampede that occurred during the visit of Gov. Peter Obi to the Chapel.

By allowing Politicians to subtly campaign in his Church, obviously, money will change hands. And so, any politician that doesn’t ‘sow seed’ or stopped sowing seed will be blackmailed.

Hence, in 2007, Fr. Mbaka’s active involvement in politics and his doublespeak began. He vowed at the pulpit that Gov. Nnamani will not win a second term in office. He also promised to resign as a priest if Nnamani was re-elected.

Gov. Nnamani eventually won his re-election but Fr. Mbaka didn’t resign as he promised. But then, his congregation kept faith with him without trying to know why God didn’t answer Fr. Mbaka; the Priest that always brags that he communicates with God.

Anyway, Fr. Mbaka further took his campaign of calumny against constituted authorities to Imo State, where he supported Rochas Okorocha against Gov. Ikedi Ohakim in the 2011 gubernatorial election.

During the election campaigns, news circulated in Imo State that Gov. Ohakim assaulted a Catholic Rev. Father. And since Imo State is heavily populated by Catholics, who couldn’t imagine anyone assaulting their Rev Fathers, they voted against Gov. Ohakim on the orders of Fr. Mbaka. Ikedi Ohakim lost the election against Rochas Okorocha.

I guess Fr. Mbaka’s grouse with Gov. Ohakim could be that the Governor stopped sowing seed or has never sowed seed at his Chapel. We may never know the quantity of seeds that Rochas Okorocha sowed before Fr. Mbaka raised his hands at Adoration Chapel as the next Governor of Imo State.

As Gov. Ohakim prepared to launch his campaign to return to Government House, Owerri; he decided first to go and reconcile with his nemesis, Fr. Mbaka. And almost certainly, sow some seeds that befit a Governor.

And eventually, Fr. Mbaka revealed that Fr. Eustace has confirmed to him that he was never assaulted by Gov. Ohakim. While Mbaka appeared to be apologising to Ohakim he started castigating Gov. Okorocha. He accused him of non-performance and regretted supporting him. What an inconsistent Priest.

But, if Fr. Mbaka didn’t have ulterior motives towards Ohakim, why didn’t he confirm from Fr. Eustace Okorie before informing the Catholic community not to vote for Ohakim?

Besides, why didn’t Fr. Okorie confirm or deny the allegation during the Imo State gubernatorial election in 2011. He waited until Ohakim visited Restoration Chapel to make his confession. Only God knows who’s telling the truth.

It’s very unfortunate that Fr. Mbaka stood on the pulpit, in a supposed house of God, based on an unverified allegation and tarnished the image of Gov. Ohakim. Chai Chineke God, Holy Spirit ntoo! When will these ‘men of God’ stop using your name in vain?

Obviously, Fr. Mbaka’s fame and arrogance have beclouded his sense of discretion. Thus, his recent action has left nobody in doubt that this Catholic Priest has forgotten the meaning of his full name, EJIKEMUWA (you can’t force this life).

And so, as he was performing his New Year mass, Fr. Mbaka decided that it was the turn of Pres. Jonathan to taste his diatribe. In summary, Fr. Mbaka told Nigerians how bad the President has fared in governance.

And that “the continuity of Jonathan means disaster to Nigeria”. As usual, he asked Nigerians to vote for Buhari instead of Jonathan because it is only Buhari that can change Nigeria.

Incidentally, everybody wants Nigeria to get better for the sake of our children’s children. Is Mbaka amongst us in this regard? But I will not be surprised if it emerges that this Priest has children somewhere, considering his changeability.

However, in November 2014, during his Chapel’s annual bazaar, Mrs Patience Jonathan was a special guest at the Adoration Chapel. After assuring her that Pres. Jonathan will be re-elected, he also told her to “go with the consolation of the holy spirit. The anointing of the Lord says God will make your family great.”

What I can deduce from his statement is that he (Mbaka) received a message from God through anointing of the Lord (whatever that means) that God will make Jonathan’s family great. So what transpired when Mrs Jonathan left the chapel?

Why did God change His mind and now decided that Jonathan’s ‘chicken’ must not fly? By the way, who allocated that particular bird to Jonathan; Fr. Mbaka or God? A lot of things are not adding up here.

Well, at least we can be able to guess, from some of the statements made by Mbaka, what went wrong when Mrs Jonathan left Mbaka’s Chapel. First, Mbaka said, Jonathan answers Ebele and Azikiwe during elections and abandons them as soon as elections are over.

Mr Bola Tinubu was the first person to make such statement during the 2011 elections when he was campaigning in Abia State. He said Jonathan is today Ebele and tomorrow Azikiwe. And so, an APC member may have asked Mbaka to recant his adoration of Jonathan.

The second likely reason for Mbaka’s outburst maybe the non-fulfilment of any monetary pledge Mrs Jonathan made to the Chapel. Mbaka himself revealed that he asked Dame Patience for her phone number up to three times before she asked a pastor that came with her to give him his number.

Mbaka stated that he called that mobile number several times but nobody answered. But why did he want to contact the woman? Perhaps, he was calling Dame Patience to inform her that her husband’s bird didn’t fly or to remind her to fulfil her pledge.

In addition, the Catholic hierarchy has distanced themselves from Mbaka. They insisted that Mbaka’s statements are his personal opinion and that he doesn’t speak for the Catholic Church.

But an employee is an agent of the employer while discharging his duties and so the employer can be sued for any breach caused by his employee. Based on this, the Catholic Church can be held responsible for Mbaka’s actions. It is therefore in their interest to caution Mbaka before it becomes too late.

In conclusion, if I were President Jonathan I will petition the Pope if the Nigerian Catholic fails to act.

In any case, it’s obvious that Mbaka’s prophecies are not from God. It did not happen in the case of Nnamani; it only affected Ohakim because of the malicious allegation that came with it.

And so, Pres. Jonathan shouldn’t consider this false Priest’s prophecy, rather he should see Mbaka as a scammer Priest who has run out of luck.

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