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In Nigeria: The Law Is Truly An Ass

The law is an ass; is a phrase of English origin that Charles Dickens popularised in his book; Oliver Twist, 1838.

While an ass is an informal name for a Donkey in England, it also represents obstinacy and stupidity. And so, when the law is strictly applied without considering the common sense aspect of the matter, the law becomes an ass.

Africa Elections and the European Monitors

I can still recall vividly during my primary and secondary school days when we used to have class monitors. The primary duty of a class monitor was to maintain an orderly behaviour in the classroom.

The Search for the Nigerian Messiah continues…

According to Bob Marley, “most people think Great God will come from the sky; Take away everything and make everybody feel high”.

Obviously, God is not going to physically come down from heaven and save anybody. And perhaps, that was why He promised to send to the Israelites a messiah that will restore things for them.

“Be the Change You Wish To See In The World” ~ Gandhi

The World is full of prejudices and other social vices. There is racism in every corner of our society including religious intolerance and corruption etc.

I believe that it is the wish of most people to see the World change for the better. But the World as an object will not change unless the people who live in it changed their behaviours.

And They Killed Her

In Nigeria, the fear of Boko Haram, especially in the North, is the beginning of ‘wisdom’. That ‘wisdom’ was exhibited at the entrance of a vegetable market in Bauchi State on 1st March 2015.