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The Pathetic Narratives Of A Man

Many rivers to cross
And it's only my will that keeps me alive
I've been licked and washed up for years
And I merely survive because of my pride - Jimmy Cliff

I have often asked myself; what is this life all about? My inner self replied that it was all about crossing many rivers. And in the end, you sit back and consider the many rivers that you crossed and all the efforts you put into crossing them and wonder; what was that all about?

Peripheral Vision and Burqa Drivers

A female driver in Islamic Burqa
In Britain and most civilised societies, a wannabe driver is advised to undertake driving lessons from a qualified driving instructor. In addition to the driving lessons, the instructor will always emphasis the importance of peripheral vision.

President Buhari: ‘When you have to shoot; shoot don’t talk’ – Tuco

Some former Heads of State of Nigeria
Tuco (the ugly) in the good, the bad and the ugly movie, was captured by an old foe as he was in a bath; well, so the enemy thought. And while the foe was describing how he would kill the Ugly; Tuco gunned him down and made his famous quote: “when you have to shoot, shoot don’t talk.”

I have Prostate Cancer: Be AWARE of the Disease

A diagram showing the difference between a normal and cancerous Prostate : 
Courtesy of WebMD

A few weeks ago, I noticed some blood on my faeces, so I saw my doctor. While trying to determine what could be the problem, the doctor asked me; do you have any difficulty passing urine?

Is President Buhari Trying to Islamize Nigeria?

Going by newspapers headlines of today, it appears that President Buhari has set in motion the process to fully Islamize Nigeria.

President Buhari and his promise to end Boko Haram insurgency in December 2015

During the 2015 presidential campaigns, Pres Buhari insisted that he would not negotiate with Boko Haram terrorists. According to him, Boko Haram terrorists don’t want peace otherwise they wouldn’t be murdering Nigerians at will.