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Meddling in the Wilderness: The birth of Islamic State

Sometime ago, I went on a family trip to the Kruger National Park in South Africa. A place where wild animals are allowed to do their things without interference from humans. I also observed that the big cats rule the jungle with the help of their swift and precise hunting skills. And thus, the fittest animal survives there.

Biafra Agitators and their Detractors

In December 2013 I visited Awka, the capital of Anambra state, Nigeria. My host and I went to a pub to unwind, have some drinks and watch a premier league football match. I requested for a Heineken beer. But the service boy replied; Oga (boss) we only sell ‘Oh Mpa’ (Oh Father). What the hell is that, I asked? The boy replied, Oga; it’s a Biafra beer.

My Forefather’s Encounter at the Gates of Heaven

Suddenly, a very loud trumpet sounded. The bones of the dead started rising from their graves and humanity started running helter-skelter. A certain man stopped and asked; what is happening? An over confident Christian-man replied; Jesus has come to judge the dead and the living.