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Buhari’s war against corruption: why it is selective

In mathematics, a decimal number that repeats forever is called recurring decimal. An example is if 1 (one) is divided by 3 (1/3 fraction) it will equal 0.33333… (Number 3 continues endlessly). Thus, the recurring decimal in this instance is 3, as illustrated below.

Doz Dilemma: I Can’t Renew My Nigerian Passport

In 2010 at the Nigerian High Commission (Embassy) London, a Camel passed through the eye of a needle while Doz was trying to renew his passport. A process that ought to have been simplified was so complicated that he wondered if Nigeria was a country made in hell.

Dasukigate: the difference between fact and fiction

The headlines have always been: Sambo Dasuki diverted $2.1 billion meant for arms procurement. Thereafter, court documents show that Dasuki was charged with diverting N32 billion. But now the allegation has been rephrased - being part of the funds meant for arms procurement.

Disobeying Court Order: Inviting Anarchy

According to Oxford dictionary; court order is “a direction issued by a court or a judge requiring a person to do or not do something”. And in the case of Mr Sambo Dasuki, the court granted him bail and ordered Nigerian security agents to release him from detention upon meeting the conditions of his bail.

CBN and sliding Naira: testing how low the Naira can go

President Buhari once said that he has not been convinced why the Nigerian currency (Naira) should be devalued. There are also discussions within Nigeria on whether or not the Naira should be devalued.

Abia Charter of Equity: time to bust the myth

Abia charter of equity is a document that virtually 99% of Abia state residents have heard of but have never seen.

Perhaps, the document doesn’t exist or it exists in the imagination of those who refer to it for ulterior motives.

As we were meant to believe, Abia charter came into being during the movement for the creation of Abia state from old Imo state.

Hence, the word ABIA is the acronym of Afikpo, Bende, Isiukwuato and Aba, zones that became the components of Abia State in 1991.

Pastors and their Prophesies: exposing their followers ignorance

left: Fr. Mbaka; right: Pres Buhari
In his book, ‘the power of the charlatan’, Grete de Francesco described a ‘snake-oil purveyor’ as a charlatan who “achieves his great power by simply opening a possibility for men to believe what they already want to believe.”

The right to remain silent: the best answer to Buhari’s Security Agents

left: Dasuki; right: Pres Buhari
In a criminal proceeding, a defendant is given the right to remain silent. In the USA, they call it ‘Fifth Amendment’. It is a protection against self-incrimination. Moreover, it is adjudged that a defendant cannot be a witness against himself.

Alex Otti - Praying and rejoicing with the enemy

first left: Alex Otti; centre: Chibike Amaechi and his wife
It is only in Nigeria and a few African countries that politicians finance their elections with their personal funds. Hence, if you don’t have some millions (funds) in your bank account, nobody will consider you electable.