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Nigeria’s Economic Recession: The Problem Has Only Started; Next Stop – Depression

In 1964, the Bankers’ magazine published an adage, which it rephrased as, "Let me tell you about the law of holes: If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging." 

This came as advice to financial services professionals, especially to traders on the floor of stock exchanges around the world. The message was simply, if you are losing money stop and reconsider your strategy.

It’s Eid-El-Kabir: When Ibrahim/Abraham Obeyed God to Sacrifice his only son – Ishmael or Isaac?

Courtesy of C. Emenike 08055134573
It’s another period when Muslims all over the world celebrate the willingness of Ibrahim to obey Allah/God and sacrifice his ‘only’ son. Luckily, before he could slaughter his son God showed him the Ram to use instead. And so, Muslims all over the world slaughter Rams in this period to commemorate that incident.

Everything changes - Not in Nigeria - Except Pres. Buhari’s change

Buhari's Change begins with you
My 6 years old son and I went to Peckham in South London to buy some African food stuff. I barely packed my car when he made an observation. He said Papa; there are lots of Africans here. I said yes. He asked why? Well, because they like it here. After some silence, he quipped; and the whole place is dirty.