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Nigeria’s Deficient Democracy = Autocracy

Adams Oshiomhole (APC Chairman): “only people who can accept the pain of rigging; sorry defeat, should participate in elections.” 

The freedom to choose our leaders is a beauty of democracy. In the absence of this basic tenet of democracy, what you have is autocracy.

Hence, if a Nigerian politician and his political party know that the electorate will vote them out of power for non-performance, they will work for the people.

Money: From Medium of Exchange To Medium of Influence - The Nigerian Example

Money (banknotes & coins) is a medium of exchange. But some African politicians particularly the politicians in Nigeria are gradually redefining money as a medium of influence. 

These politicians steal millions of dollars of public funds, not because they want to buy bread and butter, but to control those people who are willing to sell their days for gold – apologies to Kahlil Gibran.

Chinese In Africa: Colonialism Is About Repeating Itself

The 2-day China-Africa summit ended on 4/September/2018. About 50 Africa’s heads of state attended the summit held in Beijing. Mr Xi – Chinese president promised a total of $60 billion to finance projects in Africa “in the form of assistance, investment and loans over the next three years.”

China continues to present itself as a better partner to Africa than EU and US. Well, China can never be better than EU, at least EU observes human rights, which China doesn’t care about.