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Friendly Fire From 'Field-marshal' Nnamdi Kanu: Firing At His Own People

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the supreme leader of Indigenous Peoples of Biafra (IPOB), the ‘prophet’, the ‘Messiah’ of IPOB, has risen from ‘death’. He ‘died’ in Nigeria but resurrected in Jerusalem.

From Jerusalem he will return to Nigeria bringing hell with him, in his own words. His hell is probably reserved for all those who do not believe in him and IPOB. Like all the messiahs, there’s always a second coming. At least this messiah is not coming back from heaven.

The Archbishop of Canterbury: Pray For Peaceful Elections In Nigeria.

The Archbishop of Canterbury and president Buhari

But The More We Pray The More Things Worsen In Africa

When some people are asked to pray to God for their needs, and other people don’t pray to God for their needs, yet their needs are supplied, confirms the adage: "as you make your bed, so you must lie on it."

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, advised Christians in Nigeria to pray fervently for peaceful elections next year (2019). Mr Archbishop, in your country, United Kingdom (UK), do you pray fervently for peaceful elections? The answer is no.

Then, why do you do think that prayer will guarantee peaceful elections in Nigeria when peaceful elections are conducted in the UK without prayers?

The Sinner, The Prophets And The God-father

The Sinner, The Prophets And The God-father

And it came to pass, the prophets took the sinner to seek the face of God-father.

God-father asked the prophets; why have you come with this man to disturb my spirit?

Prophets: we are here to intercede on his behalf. He acknowledged that he has sinned against you, not necessarily against Nigeria. Kindly forgive him, our God-father.

God-father: because of these prophets with you, including your knowledge of economics, you are hereby forgiven. Go and sin no more.

Sinner: my God-father, may your wish be done!

That's how Nigeria works, and that's why Nigeria will continue to regress.