It’s Ramadan

DOM: Happy Sunday
GARY: Same to you my brother.
DOM: I didn’t see you in the church today
GARY: Have you ever seen me in a church? I’m watching world cup review.
DOM: That’s true; this year’s world cup is becoming unpredictable. Spain, Italy and England are gone. Nobody knows who'll go next.
GARY: Everything in life is unpredictable even Nigeria could defeat France tomorrow.
DOM: You are right. Won't you offer me some wine to drink?
GARY: It’s Ramadan.
DOM: Ramadan? What has Ramadan got to do with wine?
GARY: It is fasting period.
DOM: For Muslims; or are you now a Muslim?
GARY: We have to fast in solidarity with our Muslim brothers. At least BOKO HARAM will calm down a bit knowing that everyone is becoming Islamic.
DOM: Ramadan will not stop their activities. A terrorist maximises every opportunity available. They may even tell you that it is Islamic to cause terror during Ramadan. After all they often make reference to the battle of Badr in which Prophet Mohammed himself fought.
GARY: Was it fought during Ramadan?
DOM: Yes! But most Muslims believe that Prophet Mohammed was not the aggressor rather that he fought in self-defence.
GARY: That is exactly the excuses that these terrorist give today – self-defence. Islam is under threat and so on.
DOM: Precisely! So everybody should be vigilant because terrorists that bomb churches and mosques will bomb anywhere whether or not there is Ramadan. Well, since you are observing Ramadan let me go to the pub and have some drinks.
GARY: Please let me dress up and go with you.
DOM: I thought you are fasting.
GARY: Not really; just that I didn’t have some drinks to offer you.
DOM: You opportunist!!!
GARY: But not a terrorist.