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The Limit To Forgiveness Is Betrayal

The European way of life masked as Christianity has two fundamentals - Love and Forgiveness, supposedly. 

The greatest Commandment, according to Jesus, is love. Love God with all your heart... And the second greatest is, love your neighbor as yourself... - Matthew 22:37-39.

Prostate Gland Enlargement: What To Do

Every man is born with a prostate gland. And the gland enlarges as the man gets older. This is normal. However, every prostate gland enlarges differently in every man.

Money Laundering, Forfeiture, And Bola Tinubu

Disaster Waiting To Happen
Mr. Bola Tinubu, the presidential candidate of the APC, is alleged to have dealt with narcotics (drugs) in the past. 

Peter Obi: “Are You the One [Messiah] Who Is to Come, or Should We Look for Another?” Matthew 11:3

According to Jewish mythology, Elijah would come to restore things before the coming of the Messiah. And so, Jewish people have remained vigilant for the signs of the coming of their Messiah.

IGBO KWENU - By Taiwo Olanegan

Self-determination of Biafra is legitimate and achievable. However, nations no longer get divided by bombs. Nowadays, they are split with a biro or crayon.

Governor Soludo, The Solution: Let The Biafra Of The Mind Begin

Biafra is an ideology. It represents freedom, political independence, economic independence, etc. DIM Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu deemed the political independence of Ndigbo as Biafra of Land and our economic independence as Biafra of the mind.

USA v Russia: Did USA Bomb Ndigbo during Biafra War?

There is a war in Europe. Russia has invaded Ukraine. A situation Europeans never imagined was possible again after the end of the second world war. But it’s happening. 

Gov. Umahi - Aturu n'anyure Odu-ya...

Whether or not Ebonyi state is part of Biafra is really not the issue. The problem with Gov. Umahi is, at any given opportunity he will tell Nigeria and the world how Ebonyi people are/were marginalized by other Igbo people. This is a lie.