Hell Is Earth, Heaven Is Death

Masters Energy & His Strategy

In a classic Nigerian situation, a BigMan is a man with loads of money. He is controlled by ego and likely to be a politician or a godfather to politicians. When he speaks bullshit walks and it’s neither because he is super intelligent nor has special attributes that others lack, just that he is rich.

As a godfather, only he dictates the position anyone vies and subsequently rigs the election in favour of his candidate. He will never select a brilliant aspirant, especially anyone who looks likely to outshine him. He needs a bullshit that is ready to walk; after all himself was once a bullshit that walked. He knows the ‘system’ well and is usually a member of People's Democratic Party (PDP).

Now, there’s a man who wants to become the governor of Abia state in 2015. His name is Dr Uche Ogar. His company is called Masters Energy Oil & Gas ltd and so the masses simply call him Masters Energy. He fits well within the context of a BigMan. He is the most popular gubernatorial candidate in Abia with a positive opinion poll of 78%. He is likely to win any free and fair election that is conducted today. Uche is cherished by the poor because of his money while the ladies love him due to his fine face. But the elites distaste him, most probably; he hasn't been a bullshit that walked and perhaps not a bullshit that will walk when the godfather speaks.

In my opinion, the only visible strategy that Dr Ogar has for now is donating millions of Naira to those NGOs and other organisations owned by those that hate him – the elites. This strategy is helpless to his ambition since he doesn't look like a bullshit that will walk when a godfather speaks. According to an Igbo proverb; no amount of hospitality will prevent a bicycle rider from showing his back side when leaving his host. When the chips are down, the elites will tell him that the governorship is not for sale just like Dr Umaru Dikko once told Chief M.K.O Abiola; “the presidency is not for sale”. Unfortunately, the more money Masters Energy donates to the rich the more dissatisfied elites he creates and the less likely he will achieve his ambition.

Furthermore, Machiavelli stated that there are two routes to power; one is given by the masses and the other by the elites. He preferred the people’s power than the elites’ because the masses’ only demand is; ‘please don’t raise our taxes’. Regrettably, Masters Energy has totally neglected the people that love him most (the masses) in his consultation tours. I know that he needs to first secure the delegates that will decide the outcome of the PDP primaries. But does he really know who they are?

By the way, why must anybody go through the insurmountable PDP primaries when the masses love him? And there are over 50 registered political parties in Nigeria which he can choose from. Moreover, the recent election in Osun state has shown that a godfather maybe potent in PDP primaries but INEC is gradually checkmating election rigging.

Whatever option Dr Ogar adopts; Masters energy needs energy in his strategy and synergy.