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Abia state: There was once a ‘Mother Excellency’

In May 1999, having won an election, Orji Uzor Kalu was sworn in as the Governor of Abia State.

Few years later, his mother, Chief Mrs Eunice Uzor Kalu began to appear larger than life in the faces of Abia people.

What started as a felicitation to the mother of a governor, by political jobbers, later became the worshipping of a goddess. Her residence in Nweke Street at Aba became a political Mecca for politicians.

Besides, her die-hard followers believed that it will be easier to gain favours from the Governor if such favour is sought through his mother. And so, they highlighted that a son would normally fulfil a mother’s wish like Jesus hearkened to his mother and turned water into wine at Cana. 

Not surprising, Christians will always pick a bible verse to justify their positions.

The credulous even argued that the mother of his Excellency, Governor Orji Uzor should be known as ‘Mother Excellency’. And thus, the moniker was created.

Mother Excellency became all and all in Abia politics. Those that needed political appointments or wanted to contest elections would consult her. And those in opposition simply described the whole charade as MAMACRACY, which in IGBO language means, mama kara si (mama said).

She, however, subjected such politicians to all sorts of human degradation before supports were granted. These penny politicians were ready to accept every humiliation meted out to them so long as ‘the end justifies the means’ as Machiavelli would put it.

In fact, as the shout of Mother Excellency went through the airwaves to every nook and cranny of Abia State; I wondered if this woman ever believed those praise singers. And whether anybody informed her that Albert Einstein said, “an empty stomach is not a good political adviser”.

Anyway, as the 2007 election was approaching, Orji Uzor supported T.A Orji. Perhaps, Mother Excellency was instrumental to his emergence; after all, T.A was among those that sang her praises.

But, both mother and son later learnt that in T.A Orji; “there are no principles; there are only events. There is no good and bad, there are only circumstances”; in the words of Honore de Balzac.

Now, Governor T.A Orji was no longer ready to abide by his accord with the Kalus. And in doing so, he consolidated the enormous power bestowed on a Nigerian governor.

He informed Abia people that he has liberated them from the forces of darkness. But actually, T.A Orji liberated himself and his family.

By now, it has become apparent to Orji Uzor that those he made something from nothing are about to make him nothing from something.

T.A erased everything to do with Mother Excellency and MAMACRACY and created his own form of democracy known as OPARACRACY, which in IGBO language means OPARA kara si (first son said).

The irony is; those set of people that praised Mother Excellency to heavens are now hailing IKUKU OCHENDO, the custodian of OPARACRACY. Now they tell anyone that cares to listen that it will be easier to reach the Governor through his son.

Again, they have found another bible verse to justify themselves; where Jesus said; if you have seen me you have seen my father. As Christians say, everybody must pass through Jesus to reach God.

IKUKU! Do you believe that these sycophants truly love you or they are praising you because of the crumbs they eat off your table? Recall that those people that worshipped Mother Excellency are the same people that are falling on your feet.

IKUKU! As you strive to install Dr IKPEAZU to succeed your father, be reminded that he will disappoint you as your father disappointed Orji Uzor. As the Bible say, the measure you give is the measure you receive.

Don’t be under any illusion that come May 29, 2015 that OPARACRACY will still be in existence. You will be creating a new democracy if you succeed in installing IKPEAZU as a governor of Abia State.

Since Abia people have had MAMACRACY and OPARACRACY, IKPEAZU may introduce PAPACRACY if he still has a father. But I believe as NWAFOR NGWA, IKPEAZU will likely introduce NWAFORCRACY, which in IGBO means NWAFOR NGWA kara si. His tenure will become a situation whereby if you are not NWAFOR NGWA you'll not be factored into the sharing formula.

This vicious circle will continue until the day Abia people will rise and say; IT’S ENOUGH.

Finally, IKUKU, I have a question, when power departs from you in a few months’ time, would these people still praise you? Well, the taste of the pudding is in the eating. Remember, there was once a Mother Excellency in Abia State.

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