Hell Is Earth, Heaven Is Death

And They Killed Her

In Nigeria, the fear of Boko Haram, especially in the North, is the beginning of ‘wisdom’. That ‘wisdom’ was exhibited at the entrance of a vegetable market in Bauchi State on 1st March 2015.

A young girl didn’t allow the security men at the gates of the vegetable market to search her; a mob gathered; didn’t care why the girl didn’t allow the security men to search her. And they killed her.

It could be, as a young girl, she didn’t want some strange men who weren’t members of her family to touch her, according to her culture or the teachings of her religion. And they killed her.

First, she was beaten into unconsciousness and then, hung a used tyre doused in petrol, around her neck and set her on fire. And they killed her.

Surprisingly, all through the period they were beating the girl including the time they spent in buying or siphoning petrol from a car, nobody thought, wait a minute, she is supposed to be a suicide bomber; but where is her bomb? And they killed her.

Equally, nobody cautioned; we shouldn’t set this ‘suicide bomber’ on fire lest her bomb explode and kill all of us. And they killed her.

What a right thinking people would have done in such a situation is to search the girl, since they had the courage to go close to her to beat her up. They didn’t do that. And they killed her.

The girl was given no chance to explain herself and in the end, it turned out that she didn’t have any bomb but was simply a mentally ill girl. But they have killed her.

Obviously, her crime was that she looked like those 10 year olds, which Boko Haram uses as suicide bombers to bomb public places, including markets. And they killed her.

Just like Bishop Oyedepo asked his Church members to kill anybody who looks like Boko Haram and comes near to his church.

Mr Oyedepo, Boko Haram members look like every northern Nigerian. Are you ignorant of this or are you on a ‘spiritual overdrive’ like this video suggests?

Bishop, are you therefore, suggesting that your Church members should kill everybody that nears your Church who appears and dresses like a northern Nigerian?

If you are truly a Bishop and Christ-like (Christian), what happened to this statement by Jesus’; ‘love those that hate you’. It is sometimes better to keep quite than open your mouth and reveal the extent of your ignorance.

By the way, if suicide bombers are identified by their appearances and actions, then, Mrs Patience Jonathan (wife of Pres. Jonathan) is one.

Few days ago, Mrs Jonathan said that Gen. Buhari is brain-dead. In my opinion, this is an act of attempted suicide bombing. And they didn’t kill her.

Why would this woman make such a statement? Even her husband (Pres. Jonathan) has so far refrained from calling Buhari names. If anybody is brain-dead, it has to be Mrs Jonathan.

I don’t know if she has ever watched a video of herself displaying the incoherent characteristics of someone who’s brain-dead.

First ladies all over the world are seen and not heard. You only hear their voices when they are in schools reading books to children. Or when they are performing some charity works.

But the first lady of Nigeria is always heard for the wrong reasons. Hence, how can Pres. Jonathan control his government appointees if he’s unable to control his wife? This is one of the reasons why he is considered a weak man.

In fact, there are some psychiatric homes where out of control mad people are shackled, of which Gov. Amaechi is already heading there.

Thus, the President should send his wife to such a place and save himself from further embarrassments.

Moreover, this will prevent a potential suicide bomber or a mentally ill person like his wife from finding herself close to a mob that doesn’t ask questions. Lest we hear – And they killed her


  1. Well done as usual sir.

  2. oh this commentary has said the mind of Nigerians.There is a need for a revolutionary reorientation for but the leaders in particular and as well the subjects.Bravo! doz ideas