“Be the Change you wish to see in the World” ~ Gandhi

The World is full of prejudices and other social vices. There is racism in every corner of our society including religious intolerance and corruption etc.

I believe that it is the wish of most people to see the World change for the better. But the World as an object will not change unless the people who live in it changed their behaviours.

This is why Gandhi advised that if we should change from our negative attitudes toward other people, by so doing, the World will wear a new look.

For instance; if all the racists in the World should inwardly rescind racism and start acknowledging the differences in others, then, the World would have gotten rid of racism.

Talking further about racism, obviously, it is not by choice that we belong to a certain race but by chance/nature. For example, you are a black person not because you made the choice but because you were born by black parents.

Likewise, if you were born by Moslem parents you’ll most likely become a Moslem; just like a person who was born by Christian parents will mostly become a Christian and so on.

And so, if we recognise these differences and respect them, then injustices would disappear from the World. The World would have changed because the people that live in it had changed.

Moreover, Gandhi’s statement suggests that no man can change the world on his own without the cooperation of the inhabitants of the World. Not even the Law can cause a change in a human.

The law will only make a human to control his/her negative attitude towards other human beings but it will never alter his/her innermost ethos.

Therefore, it is only when a man changes his negative approaches, which the Law doesn’t notice and no human sees that the World will truly change for the better.

Overall, in buttressing Gandhi’s beliefs, it is the people who live in the World that will change in order for the World to change. 

And hence, let us try and change our intolerances and thereby give the World a chance to make its own changes.