Reverend Father Mbaka And His Worries

I guess everybody still remembers the Catholic Priest called Rev Father Mbaka. Let me remind those people who may have forgotten.

During his 2015 new year’s sermon, Mbaka delivered a ‘message’ from God to the Nigerian President, Goodluck Jonathan.

Fr. Mbaka claimed that God revealed to him that Pres. Jonathan will not win the 2015 presidential election; rather, General Buhari will be victorious. He also told Nigerians that President Jonathan has gone from being their Goodluck to Badluck.

Obviously, by this assertion, it means that Fr. Mbaka has a direct line of Communication with God.

However, Mbaka is making headlines again. This time, he has claimed that Jonathan and his wife are trying to kill him. 

And so, he is calling on the Nigerian Police to provide protection for him. 

Fr. Mbaka cannot be serious. Why would Mbaka be asking for protection from Pres. Jonathan’s police when he has a direct link to God?

If Mbaka truly communicates with God like he claims, let him inform God that Jonathan wants to kill him because of the message He (God) sent through him to Mr President. 

Certainly, God will deliver him from Pres. Jonathan like He protected Elijah (His messenger) from King Ahab.

I hope Mbaka still remembers the confrontation between Elijah and King Ahab. If not, he should read the book of Kings in the bible. Besides, “…if God is for [you] us who can be against [you] us”? Romans 8:31

Moreover, there’s no amount of police protection that will stop Jonathan from killing you if he wants to. As you know  “…Unless the LORD watches over the city, the guards stand watch in vain”. Psalm 127:1

God’s protection is the only assured protection that Father Mbaka needs at the moment unless he is one of those false Prophets that Jesus warned that will come in his name?

Finally, Mbaka; if you have used the name of God in vain, then your worries are just beginning.