Biafra War: Ndigbo Have Moved On; Other Ethnic Groups Are Yet To.

I have keenly written about the prejudices, intimidation and marginalisation etc. meted out to Ndigbo since the Biafra war ended.

In fact, the manners in which Federal troops massacred Ndigbo during war was similar to the extermination of the Jews (Holocaust).

But some critics have commented that Ndigbo should forget about the Biafra war and move on.

Of course, Ndigbo have moved on and that is why you see them in every corner of Nigeria. However, it is the other ethnic groups in Nigeria that are yet to move on.

For instance, before he was impeached, Gov. Nyako of Adamawa State compared Pres. Jonathan’s war against Boko Haram to the activities of ‘his former Eastern region that led to the civil war’.

By the way, Nyako was in the military during the Biafra war. Obviously, he has not moved on from the war, otherwise he wouldn’t be comparing Boko Haram to Biafra. 

Furthermore, during the 2015 presidential campaigns, General Buhari elaborated his patriotism by referring to how he fought and crushed the Biafrans during the civil war.

He stated arrogantly that he owes nobody any apology and that he will do the same if the situation arises again. If Buhari has moved on from the civil war he wouldn’t have touched this sensitive issue.

Meanwhile, I thought Buhari was contesting an election against Jonathan or did he think he was fighting another Biafra war with Jonathan? Only the future holds the answer.

Likewise, while commending Jonathan for conceding defeat, General Danjuma said; when Enugu was captured during the Biafra war, had Ojukwu conceded defeat like Jonathan, invariably, Nigerian soldiers wouldn’t have committed genocide against Ndigbo.

But, why would Gen. Danjuma compare Ojukwu with Jonathan? Ojukwu fought a war while Jonathan contested an election. Or, is Danjuma equating Ojukwu’s war to Jonathan’s presidential election?

Clearly, Danjuma has not moved on from the civil war else, he wouldn’t have compared Jonathan’s presidential election loss to Ojukwu’s civil war defeat.

Besides, the fact that Ndigbo voted massively for Jonathan has become an obsession for the press in particular and the rest of Nigerians in general.

Apparently, it is normal for the entire north and south-west regions to politically gang up against Jonathan but abnormal for the old eastern region to vote for Jonathan.

Obviously, the rest of the country sees Jonathan’s election as a second Biafra war, which has been lost as well.

And that’s why the traditional ruler of Lagos, Oba Akiolu has directed Ndigbo who reside in Lagos to vote for APC gubernatorial candidate or he will curse them to perish in the lagoon.

The Oba’s threat is a straightforward reminder that Ndigbo have lost another war.

As usual, Buhari’s reaction to the Oba’s threat is that Ndigbo should accept the apology and move on. But the Oba has not apologised, so, what apology is Buhari talking about?

Now, where are our Igbo brothers and sisters who joined the Change crusade of APC?

Buhari hasn’t been sworn in until 29th May, yet the intimidation of Ndigbo has started. Is this the Change Ndigbo APC wanted Ndigbo to embrace?

Anyway, Gov. Rochas of Imo State (APC) is trying to intervene. And his best response is to ask Imo State council of traditional rulers to travel to Lagos and discourse with Oba of Lagos.

If Gov. Rochas is a true son of IGBO he wouldn’t be sending Igbo traditional rulers to Lagos to beg Oba of Lagos; because that’s exactly what Rochas meant in disguise.

Rochas should know that Igbo culture is quite different from the culture of Berom people of Plateau State. If Rochas is so used to Berom culture that he cannot conform to Igbo culture he should therefore return to JOS.

More so, the #BringBackOurGirls campaigner, Oby Ezekwesili was incensed by the Oba’s threats to Ndigbo residing in Lagos. She claimed that she’s a proud Igbo woman and thus, condemned Pat Utomi for trivialising the Oba’s threats to Ndigbo.

As a proud Igbo woman like she claimed, I suggest that she should start a new hashtag, perhaps, #BringBackOurIntegrity.

Alternatively, as APC sympathiser and as suggested by Gov. Rochas, Ms Ezekwesili can join the convoy of Imo traditional rulers to go and prostrate to Oba of Lagos and beg him not to send Ndigbo in Lagos to the Lagoon.

As for Oba Akiolu, you need some enlightenment. In a democracy, people are free to choose their leaders. And the Nigerian constitution guarantees every citizen to reside wherever he/she chooses.

Let me further inform Oba Akiolu, whenever a child is born in Ijaw Land, he/she is dipped inside the ocean as a reminder to the child; your habitation is in the sea.

Now, Akiolu, you can work out who owns the sea – the Ijaws, definitely. Therefore, you don’t have powers over the Lagoon and so, your curse cannot materialise.

Evidently, the Oba is angry with Ndigbo because they voted for Pres. Jonathan, Ijaw man and the owner of the sea.

Hence, Akiolu should be reminded that whatever curse he tries to place on Ndigbo, using the Lagoon will return to kill him (Oba) and his descendants.

Akiolu should also be reminded that Ndigbo are equally Africans and so, if he can invoke spirits, Ndigbo can do it better.

For instance, there was a time OPC, with their charms, terrorised Alaba Traders. Ndigbo, fed up with their threats, imported Spiritualists from Umuleri in Anambra State to confront the OPC magicians.

Oba, the result was that the snake of Umuleri swallowed the snakes of OPC – apologies to Moses and Pharaoh.

And for Ndigbo, no Nigerian can doubt your patriotism. You are the only part of Nigeria that believes in a united Nigeria. There is no part of Nigeria that you don’t have businesses and properties.

Ndigbo: “you are not to be so blind with patriotism that you can’t [see] reality…” - Malcolm X

Ndigbo, your investment all round Nigeria is why you are threatened all the time. And that is why you vulnerable. In short, other Nigerians can't do with you; yet they cannot do without you.

Ndigbo; you have built cities such as Lagos and Abuja etc. but it is the time you start looking towards the East, where wise men always come from; the land that sees the light before any other part of Nigeria.

I mean: The Land Of The Rising Sun.


  1. I respect you my brother. You have just cause to be indignant over the Oba's ridiculous remarks this past week.

  2. thanks a lot sir,The cause of history with its philosophical,anthropological and sociological influence is Plancked on one constant,ie repetition.The funani cum Yoruba gang up against the Igbos is a historic repetition.Remarkably like the renaissance of the Jew after Adolf Hitler neo sementism ,their reemergence got global attention,so is and would be the Igbos.bravo doz ideas

  3. Anonymous10 April

    Dear heart, your writings continually intrigue me. Well done chichim


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