The Fools In April

Gary: Neighbour; I was looking for you last night to give you the latest news. 
Dom: Oh! I wasn't home; I attended the night vigil and midnight prayer of our church.
Gary: Night vigil on a Tuesday?
Dom: Don’t you know what’s happening in the country?
Gary: What do you mean?
Dom: The current gang-up against Pres. Jonathan. We have to pray and fast in order to stop this Boko Haram man called Buhari and his fellow conspirators from removing Jonathan.
Gary: That’s exactly why I was looking for you; Buhari has won the presidential election.
Dom: You are very funny. You think I don’t know what today is.
Gary: What is today?
Dom: If you don’t know, go and ask your children; they will tell you.
Gary: Seriously, Buhari has won the presidential election
Dom: In fact, let me just say it to you before you do; April Fools’ Day!
Gary: That’s right; today is 1st April, but neighbour; this is real, it is not April fool. In fact, President Jonathan has congratulated Buhari.
Dom: You can tell that to the marines.
Gary: You are not the only person in doubt, everybody, especially people of the South-east and South-south regions.
Dom: If you are not trying to fool me on this 1st April, then, how can a sitting president lose an election? It has never happened in Nigeria.
Gary: That’s democracy in action.
Dom: Did you want to say conspiracy in action?
Gary: Conspiracy against who?
Dom: The people of the old Eastern region
Gary: No! It is democracy in action: government by the people and for the people.
Dom: Or conspiracy in action: government for the people by Mr Jega (INEC chairman)?
Gary: Why do you call it a conspiracy?
Dom: Can't you see the same hand that assisted in defeating the Biafrans is the same hand that's assisting in defeating Jonathan.
Gary: What hand are you talking about?
Dom: North and West alliance (Hausa/Fulani and Yoruba alliance)
Gary: Hmmm
Dom: That’s the conspiracy that I am talking about.
Gary: I can see where you are coming from.
Dom: Well, Buhari: congratulations!
Gary: What next for our people?
Dom: Sidon look: actually, our people will wake-up this morning to realise that the joke is on us.
Gary: What Kind of joke do you mean?
Dom: The practical joke played on The Fools in April.


  1. it may be the same axis of conspiracy that defeated Biafra but you can not exclude the self same south south zone that we Biafrans fell over ourselves to support who actually put the knife at our underbelly. It's time to think. Ndi Igbo ronu.

    1. theseal: according to Ndigbo; aka nri ka ndu n'onu (the right hand is nearer to the mouth).

    2. Bravo doz ideas,the conspiracy theory istrue


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