The Restoration Of The Seer (Mbaka) And His Adoration Chapel

Today is Easter Sunday, the day Christians all over the world celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. And so, we wish our friends and readers all over the world who believe in this festive; a Happy Easter celebration.

However, before Christ was crucified and resurrected, he preached the word of God, performed miracles and even prophesied his own death.

And prior to his ascension into Heaven, Jesus told his disciples that whoever that believes would ‘perform more miracles’ than he did.

Jesus also predicted that some charlatans will emerge after he’s gone and so, he added a caveat; beware of those false prophets that will come in my name.

All the same, there are some people, past and present, who have made predictions that have come to pass.

For instance, there was a French philosopher called Nostradamus, famously known as the man that saw tomorrow, who predicted events that occurred. But he didn’t say where his powers came from.

More so, there are other ‘Seers’ who claim to have the power to predict the future. For example, a Palm Reader will tell you what the future holds for you by mere looking at your palms.

There are others that include Metaphysicians, Astrologists and Philosophers etc. but they don’t say where they derive their powers from. Even a human; his future can also be revealed to him while dreaming in his sleep.

In addition, financial analysts can predict the stock market. They do so by considering the past and present performances of a firm in order to forecast the future. It is called trend analysis.

Nevertheless, there are other seers that believe that their powers to see the future come from God. These set of soothsayers are the Pastors, Reverend Fathers and Bishops etc. of Christianity.

One of such predictions was recently made by Rev. Father Mbaka of the Adoration Chapel.

He correctly predicted that Pres. Jonathan would lose the presidential election. According to Mbaka, God told him so.

Besides, there are some analysts who equally predicted that Buhari will win the presidential election. However, they didn’t say God told them. They came to their conclusion by sampling opinions.

Nevertheless, it is only father Mbaka that has been mentioned for accurately predicting the outcome of Nigeria’s presidential election.

Therefore, Jonathan’s loss will become Mbaka’s gain. Mbaka will restore his Adoration Chapel, which he shut down before the election due to an imaginary threat from Mr and Mrs Jonathan.

Mbaka is now assured to triple the attendees to his Chapel. And so will the tithes paid to this ‘man of God’.

The sick and the vulnerable will flock to Mbaka for spiritual deliverance; after all he correctly predicted the outcome of the presidential election. He is the real ‘man of God’.

Unfortunately, Nigeria is a country that suffers from selective amnesia. Father Mbaka is today being hailed as a true Seer who saw tomorrow.

The people have forgotten that in 2003 gubernatorial election, in Enugu state, Mbaka prophesised in the name of God that Governor Nnamani will not win re-election. But the governor was re-elected.

Let me therefore ask, why would Mbaka’s prophecies, as given by God according to him, occurred in the case of Jonathan but failed to happen in the case of Nnamani?

In any case, I know that the bible said; Heaven and Earth will pass away instead of the word of God not to be fulfilled.

Only Father Mbaka can explain why the word of God as spoken to him, failed to materialise in the case of Gov. Nnamani.

As Nigerians troop to Father Mbaka for spiritual deliverance, a reasonable man would expect that Mbaka’s deliverance will be a stop-gap until the Messiah in Buhari performs his first miracle as the president of Nigeria.

That miracle, obviously, won’t be turning water into wine as the Sharia Police will not tolerate it. Perhaps, Buhari’s first miracle will be valuing one Naira to a Dollar.

When a Naira equals to a dollar as Buhari promises, Nigerians will live a better life once more. And Seers like Mbaka will lose congregation because the economy is buoyant.

And the people will realise that prosperity is not found in Churches and Mosques but through working hard.

Let me sign-off by reassuring Jonathan’s supporters that though most Nigerians believe that Jonathan didn’t achieve anything throughout his presidency; Marie Curie said- “one never notices what has been done; one can only see what remains to be done.”


  1. Perhaps the good father is only able to predict the outcome of presidential elections.

  2. Anonymous05 April

    I like that bit about the sharia police not allowing Buhari to turn water into wine, you're funny dear heart of mine


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