When Jonathan’s good left his luck: ‘the baboons didn’t soak in blood’

The Nigeria’s presidential election has been won and lost; President Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan has lost his bid for re-election.

It is obvious that Jonathan lost the election because 4 out of Nigeria’s 6 geopolitical zones believed that he does not deserve a second term in office. Only the people of South-east and South-south zones thought otherwise.

This situation has been the fault line of Nigeria’s politics since its independence from Britain in 1960. It seems that there’s an agreement between the Hausa/Fulani and Yoruba people that excludes Easterners from the governance of Nigeria.

The people of the old eastern region especially Ndigbo, have always been viewed with suspicion by their fellow citizens of Nigeria. As such, Jonathan became Nigeria’s president because Obasanjo wanted a stooge that he’ll control from his Ota farm.

As Jonathan stood his ground against Obasanjo’s domination and so was Obasanjo’s strangulation. I want to believe that in his mind, Jonathan does not regret his rejection of Obasanjo because ‘wise men always come from the east’ as Emeka Ojukwu put it.

However, the remarkable thing about the 2015 presidential election is that no life was lost except those who died celebrating the victory of Muhammadu Buhari.

Pitiably, the whole South-east and South-south wore a sombre look because Jonathan lost the election.

In fact, Jonathan didn’t lose the election but the entire people of former eastern region because it reminded them where they stand in Nigeria when the chips are down.

As Jega (INEC Chairman) was announcing the presidential result in piecemeal, the people were hoping that Jonathan’s fortune would change.

But the numbers were not adding up in favour of Jonathan and the bombshell dropped; Jonathan has conceded defeat. He has congratulated Buhari.

Most people didn’t understand what that meant. Congratulate Buhari? And those who realised that it meant that the election has been lost became angry with themselves. Others thought, perhaps the joke meant for April Fools’ Day is being played on 31st March.

Many started questioning the reasoning behind Jonathan’s acceptance of defeat when Jega has not announced the final result. Few people went as far as abusing Mr Jonathan for this singular action.

Suddenly the pubs and restaurants started emptying; people have lost their appetite for food and wine. Though there were pockets of celebration by Buhari supporters, they were not molested. In all, the atmosphere was peaceful.

Abruptly, an elderly man asked me; why did Jonathan accept defeat when the final result has not been announced? I told him that’s how it is done in America. He snapped, is here America?

The old man continued; a thing like this has never happened in Nigeria. I said yes, it happened because Jonathan is a wise man; as you know ‘wise men always come from the east’.

Still visibly angry, he retorted, our wisdom has not been kind to us. In the 60’s, whereas Azikiwe was fascinated with the idea of a united Nigeria, Awolowo was only interested in Oduduwa republic while Ahmadu Bello’s only concern was AREWA (one north).

I said, as you know, Jonathan’s name is also Azikiwe, may be, he has followed in the footsteps of his mentor (Nnamdi Azikiwe) to restore a united Nigeria.

He continued, hopefully, the Niger Delta people have learnt a big lesson from this gang-up against them. They were willingly used by the Hausa/Fulani and Yoruba people to destabilise the former eastern region in the 1960’s.

Ironically, now, it is Ndigbo that are leading the fight for their protection when it mattered most, the old man snapped. All being well, I hope they have realised that after all, Ndigbo are not their enemies but those who are ready to love their neighbours as themselves. 

However, I told the old man that all his observations are real. But that Jonathan made the right decision by congratulating Buhari.

By doing so and in losing power, Jonathan won the hearts of international community including Mo Ibrahim (the man whose foundation awards leadership prices to outstanding African leaders).

Again, by doing so, Jonathan has taught Buhari the essence humility and tolerance. For instance, in his acceptance speech, Buhari still believes that he won the 2011 presidential election, how much more congratulating anybody – that’s arrogance.

Moreover, Buhari supporters killed and maimed Easterners (mostly Ndigbo) because their candidate lost the 2011 presidential election. Up till today Buhari has never condemned the actions of his supporters – that’s intolerance.

Furthermore, Buhari said that ‘Baboons will soak in blood’ in 2015 if the presidential election was manipulated. Yet, when Jonathan’s good-luck exhausted, ‘the Baboons didn’t soak in blood’.

However, after Jonathan lost the election, the only baboon soaking in anything is the Ape in Ota, Ogun state who has already soaked himself in the oil proceeds from the Niger Delta. At least he can now rest in peace and enjoy his loot.

Chief Obasanjo is yet to follow the world to congratulate Jonathan; the international community that he always mentions when criticising Jonathan.

I guess Obasanjo is again sulking because Jonathan has further outperformed him. Surely, the international statesman status, which Obasanjo so cherished, will now be transferred to Jonathan. 

Actually, Jonathan has created so many firsts, but receiving more congratulations as a loser of an election than the winner is a feat which, Historians and Philosophers should research. 

By the way, who says that Jonathan has run out of luck. By conceding defeat, I believe his luck has just begun.

Besides, Obasanjo should be reminded that a man with fertility problems should never throw away the only baby he has with the bath water, no matter the child’s disability.

Now that Obasanjo has just done that; I wonder whose child he will scold and pamper. Clearly, the president elect, Gen. Buhari is an ‘adult’ and doesn’t look like a child that is in need of adoption.

Finally, as Christians celebrate the Good Friday, the day Christ was crucified; hopefully Nigerians have not crucified their own Messiah. 

All the same, according to Azikiwe, Jonathan’s namesake, ‘history will vindicate the just’.


  1. The problem with your position is that Nigerian gave President Johnathan their vote in 2011. Unfortunately for him he did a less than mediocre job as our president. This is why he was voted out. The fear mongering promoted by the PDP in the south south and the east explains the geographical polarization which occurred. President Johnathan will not be the last president from the south to lead Nigeria.

  2. I have noticed that you have been bashing the Arabs and their religion of recent.

  3. Ur article is one sided, it has no base, but it entails the kind of person u are. Only fool or unreasonable writers that can think the way u are.

    1. Hi Richard,
      I am me, I can't be u,, try hard u may feel the way I feel, because I love myself, then I love others.

    2. Doz....that's an epic reply

    3. Richard even if u observe some lapsez u should have gone straight to reveal without attacking his intelligence directly


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