After the Nigeria's Election: A new Song from the North

Shamsuddeen Usman:
The northern Nigerian elites know how to tell their fellow countrymen to go to hell, especially when they have gotten what they wanted. In doing so, they won’t care whose ox is gored.

In fact, before the Nigerian presidential election, the song by the common people of northern Nigeria was Sai Buhari; whatever that means. But after the election, the northern elites are singing some new songs:

In the first instance, Mr Shamsuddeen Usman, the former deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) declared as follows: it was not the votes of the Yoruba people that made Buhari the president-elect of Nigeria.

He further stated that the total votes that Buhari received from Zamfara State alone, were more than the total votes that Buhari got from the entire 6 States of South-West of Nigeria (Yoruba people).

Mr Usman continued; Bola Tinubu should bury any contemplation he has towards blackmailing Buhari. That Tinubu should be told that controlling Lagos State is quite different from controlling Nigeria.

Obviously, Mr Usman is suffering from selective amnesia otherwise he would have realised that it was the southern votes that made Buhari the presidential candidate of All Progressives Congress (APC) in the first place.

Where was Mr Usman when Bola Tinubu was coordinating the southern votes for Buhari because the majority of the northern delegates voted for Atiku Abubakar and Rabiu Kwankwaso?

By the way, can Mr Usman name a prominent northerner that featured in the campaign train of Buhari during the presidential campaigns? I challenge Mr Usman to show me evidence contrasting the following APC campaign photograph.

Incidentally, Mr Usman is a Fulani man like Buhari; perhaps he’s exhibiting their ‘born to rule’ mentality that will be the bedrock of Buhari’s presidency.

However, if the votes of Yoruba people didn’t make Buhari the President, then, whose votes did Buhari win with? 

The Governor of Boko Haram headquarters, Borno State, Gov. Kashim Shettima has the answer.
Gov. Kashim Shettima

He said that Ndigbo are the real heroes of Buhari’s presidential election victory. 

But how can that be possible? 

The presidential election result shows that Pres. Jonathan received almost 95% of Ndigbo votes.

Even Prof. Wole Soyinka was quoted to have said that Ndigbo voted for Jonathan because of their stomach, in other words Ndigbo are greedy. 

Although the Prof said whoever that believes he said that is a moron. That was how he denied the allegation.

How, then, can Gov. Shettima claim that Ndigbo made Buhari President? Now, hear him; if Ndigbo didn’t stand up against rigging that the PDP Governors of South East would have rigged the election for Jonathan.

But Ogbonnaya Onu; an APC member like Gov. Shettima recently said that election didn’t hold in the South-East, rather, the election results were written by Igbo governors in favour of Jonathan. And so, who do we believe?

The truth is; without the votes of the Yoruba people, Buhari wouldn’t have won the presidential election.

Apparently, the ‘born to rule’ are looking for ways to deny Yoruba people their share of the proceeds of conquest. And that’s why the Hausa/Fulani are coming up with all sorts of excuses.

It is obvious that the northerners want to appropriate the important positions in the Nigerian political sphere. Such positions as the senate presidency and House speakership in addition to the presidency they already have.

All the same, the ‘born to rule’ should understand that their new song without some beats is merely acapella. And thus, they should wait and find out who would dance to their beats when they eventually add them.


  1. Let us see how it goes over the first 100 days. To be fair.


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