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Abia State: And the Scam Continues

According to Socrates, if good people don't go into politics and govern the population, they will be ruled by charlatans.
Orji Uzor Kalu

And that was what happened in 1999 when honourable men stood by and watched Chief Orji Uzor Kalu become the governor of Abia State.

After strengthening his grip on power, Orji Kalu started a high wired scam that has remained the albatross to the development of Abia State.

Kalu created a de facto House of Assembly at Nweke Street in Aba; his mother’s residence. His mother, Mrs Eunice Kalu became the Speaker of that House.

Mother Excellency
As such, every political jobber visited Nweke Street to get clearance from Mother Excellency, as she was called, before gaining any political appointment from her son (Gov. Kalu).

In fact, the clearance didn’t come cheap. Mrs Kalu humiliated those politicians that set their feet at Nweke Street including the so called Abia elder Statesmen. 

They were made to wash her clothes, sweep her house, and even peel the melons that were used to prepare soup for her. She even extorted money from the credulous.

Nevertheless, after the degradation, they were taken before a shrine to swear an oath of allegiance to Mother Excellency and her son. Most Abians remained speechless and helpless.

But the few who dared talked, simply described the happenings in Abia State as MAMACRACY - government by Mama and for Mama. Obviously, that is not the definition of democracy.

With the exception of Hon. Acho Obioma (Chomen), almost every other political office holder including those that were ‘elected’ in Abia State; passed through Nweke Street and as usual swore an oath of allegiance before a shrine.

T.A Orji
And that was why Chief T. A. Orji, the immediate past governor of Abia State was able to 'win' the 2007 gubernatorial election from his cell at Kirikiri Prison.

A feat only the great magician himself (Orji Kalu) can achieve. 

Anyway, T.A Orji having endured so much mortification in the hands of Mother and Son Excellencies, estranged from his godfather – Orji Uzor Kalu.

By now T.A Orji has rediscovered himself and thus, declared to Abians that he has liberated them from the clutches of the Satanic Mother and Son that have been holding Abians to ransom.

That statement was a subtle acknowledgement that his participation in the Orji kalu’s administration involved reading some Satanic Verses – apologies to Salmon Rushdie.

And perhaps, admitting indirectly that he’s the man that featured in the above initiation video, which he has always denied.

All the same, with power and his position well secured, T.A Orji re-branded himself to OCHENDO GLOBAL – whatever that means. He also called himself – the liberator.

In reality, if Ochendo liberated people, then, it is himself and his family. In fact, immediately after his re-election in 2011, Ochendo introduced the biggest scam that made Abians to see Orji Kalu as a Saint that he isn’t.

Like his predecessor, T.A Orji allowed his son to become the de facto governor
Ikuku Ochendo
of Abia State. His unknown son, Chinedu Orji became notoriously known as IKUKU Ochendo.

Ikuku literally means wind in Igbo language. And unfortunately, "the ill wind that blows no one any good" - Shakespeare 

And hence, Ikuku started blowing away some powerful politicians and the few that survived the storm started worshipping him and singing his praises. He also admonished them. The Political jobbers got clearance from him before receiving political positions from his father. 

The same scheme used by Orji Kalu and his mother, but in all fairness, I never heard that Ikuku or Ochendo took anybody to any shrine to swear an oath.

However, father and son acquired every available property in Umuahia – the State Capital. Their primitive acquisition of wealth was never hidden. Abians knew about it but realised that they have found themselves in yet again, a new type of democracy – SONCRACY - government by the son and for the son.

And so, with power and enormous funds at his disposal, Ikuku was able to impose Okezie Ikpeazu PhD as the current governor of Abia State. And Gov. Ikpeazu has just introduced a new type of scam that’s quite different from what his predecessors practised.
Gov. Ikpeazu in a Bulldozer
Indeed, within 2 days of his tenure, Gov. Ikpeazu was pictured seated in a Bulldozer in Aba where he informed some onlookers that he has contracted some firms to start the reconstruction of Aba roads.

Unbelievably, some Abians have started praising him with all sorts of name-calling such as, my able governor; you are god-sent and etc. They have actually believed his scam.

Let me ask; why would anybody believe that Gov. Ikpeazu awarded a road contract within his 2 days in office? Is it out of sycophancy or ignorance? Awarding contracts without due process?

By the way, where did he get the money from? Does Abia State has any money in its coffers? If the answer is yes, then his starting point should be; paying off the salary arrears the previous administration owed to Abia civil servants. 

Well, Gov. Ikpeazu should note: in as much as there is separation of power, but we’ll be failing if we unconcern ourselves with what happens in the States and local government areas - an aspect of Pres. Buhari’s inaugural speech.

In the end, the scam continues in Abia State since I can’t imagine how Pres. Buhari would trouble a State Governor that has immunity from criminal prosecution.


  1. Well narrated... Unfortunately Abians are still sleeping

  2. It is so sad that once again Abians voted a person out of sentiments - "He is an Ngwa man, we want an Ngwa governor, he's one of our sons, let's vote for him" - 'stupidest' reasons ever!

  3. your article is so true but very depressing my dear heart. Why a nation like the igbo nation can just sit with arms folded and watch our heritage being torn apart and the less priviledged made to grovel, is just beyond rational thinking. I weep for all of us.


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