Why Slavery and Colonialism were the purpose of Christianity

Tutankhamun (1336 BC - 1327 BC)
While disagreeing with my article titled; Slavery and Colonialism: the purpose of Christianity, a commentator pointed out that ‘Christianity existed way before British/American slave owners used it for their own twisted advantages.’ 
He also noted that ‘some of the earliest followers of Christ were Black people. Just because nations that didn't even exist in the days of Christianity's birth used it wrongly doesn't mean that how it (Christianity) was used was its purpose.’ 
Apparently, the commentator and I are of the opinion that the Europeans used Christianity for ‘their own twisted advantage.’

And thus that twisted advantage, in my opinion, was why the early Europeans hijacked and modeled Christianity to suit their purpose, which was, and I insist, to advance slavery and colonialism. 
If it wasn’t so, why then do we now have a perfect white man with blond hair and blue eyes on the cross as Jesus Christ? Was Jesus of Nasserite a white man? 
Jesus couldn’t have been a white man because he was a Jew. Remember that the Jews were enslaved by Egyptians. And looking at Pharaoh Tutankhamun (1336 BC - 1327 BC), obviously Egyptians were black Africans. 
And so if the forefathers of Jesus (Jacob and his sons etc.) were white people, then it means black Africans once enslaved Europeans in Egypt. But have the Europeans accepted this? 
All the same, why I consider Christianity to be European religion is because West Africans never knew or heard of Christianity until the conquering Europeans introduced the religion to them. 
Nevertheless, my forefathers embraced this new religion because the Bible’s Ten Commandments weren’t different from what they already had as laws, such as thou shall not kill, thou shall not steal and etc. 
But there was a sham underlining the tenets of the new religion. And that deception was the white man on the cross, which they called Jesus Christ. It was a scam because the Europeans knew that Jesus was a black man and yet they represented him as a white man. 
As such, everybody was compelled to bow down before this statute and profess that the white man on it as his/her lord and personal saviour. That was deception in action. 
The Europeans were indirectly saying to West Africans that they will continue to rely on them for their survival. The implication was that West Africans and Africans in general have inadvertently acknowledged that their survival depends on white people. And since then, things have never been the same for them. 
Incidentally, slavery happened in no other part of Africa but West Africa. And so, the descendants of former slaves all over the world came from West Africa. In fact, with the help of Christianity, slavery became easier for the Slave masters since they have projected themselves as the saviour of black people.  
And unfortunately black people are now propagating Christianity after the Europeans abandoned it, having served its purpose. Perhaps they are suffering from Stockholm syndrome. 
Meanwhile, Africa is blessed with natural resources yet they always depend on handouts from the Europeans because they continue to profess to the white man on the cross as their lord and personal saviour. 
Even corrupt African heads of state stash their looted wealth in European and American banks, I guess because they also profess that the white man on the cross is their lord and personal saviour. 
Until Africans realise that (new) Christianity is a scam established by Europeans to hold them perpetually under their (Europeans) feet, the story about Africa will continue to be about wars, diseases, hunger etc.


  1. Made in three comments...comment #1

    My brother I hear and perceive anger in your vision, therefore presentation. Jesus the Anointed Redeemer did not represent the flesh of the human creatures per say, he as a human person represented, presented and confirmed the true and original vision established within the human framework as indicated in Genesis 2:7, the human creatures Breath of "Life" (the foundational structure of all human creatures whether man or woman). This true and original foundational vision related to all men and women has been tactically blocked from being recognized in their development (past to present). Every culture in their religious or secular development has been used to block this true and original vision. If you look closely at Genesis 2:24 the path and pattern of human development after the first created humans transgressed was to uphold the "flesh image" of themselves (they were now bound to it, even to this very day). Our children bear witness to this development when they kill each other...they have learned to deny openly their true and original foundation of existence, their Breath of "Life".

  2. Comment # 2

    Blaming a white man or woman is the worst thing a black man or woman can do, even the other way around. For the African has a ancient history of development, way before the white culture or any other culture was developed. Science confirms that the white (European) culture began its development within the last 65 thousand years, while the African began their millions of years before. The Native American began thirty thousand years ago, starting from Asia into North and South America. The ancient African was the first human creature created by the one true Creator, as indicated in the Old Testament the Book of Genesis chapters 1 and 2. They were the ones that transgressed first, but this does'n't matter what is important is to recognize the patterns and paths that all cultures have developed into today. All cultures have developed today into a pattern and path of self-destruction, I say all (no exceptions), whether religious or secular. The question should be: How could do this and why? What we are seeing today within our cities, etc are the fruits of the fallen human creatures (male and female), whether they be African, Native American, European, Asian, etc. The children of these cultures are showing openly that something very important is missing in their foundational development when they kill or seek to destroy each other (wars, etc). Look closely at Genesis chapter 2:7. I have traveled around the world asking one question to many adults and children, and have gotten nothing but a blank face when I ask the following question. Do you know your Breath of "Life".

    Today even the Jew of the nation Israel has no remembrance of the true and original vision given to them at the time of Moses inspired writings. If they did they would never pick up a gun, nor would the Christian nation of the United States, nor would the Arab, etc. The true and original foundational vision of the human creatures (male and female) is their Breath of "Life", without it the human creatures (no exceptions) could not exist. According to the Genesis 2:7 it stems directly from the one true Creator, the Spirit that is Sacred that is "Life" (the giver of "Life"). You seek to destroy that "blood" (spiritual empowerment) you seek to destroy yourself as indicated in Genesis 9:6 (reference here is not to human blood)., but the true and original power of human existence their Breath of "Life").

    What you see Africa doing through now is the consequences of their past actions (atrocities), within their ancient development. The Native American as well as all cultures are going through the same pattern of human development, suffering, their children bear witness in their anguish.

    Now my brother their is another ancient pattern beginning to develop that is greater then all developing cultures, Look closely at Genesis chapter 1, all living creation was created by the one true Creator, the Spirit that is Sacred that is "Life" (the giver of "Life").

    The human creatures has learned to deny openly their Breath of "Life", if you deny your Breath of "Life" you deny your own existence, therefore all living creation created that was created to sustain and maintain the human creatures as indicated in Genesis chapter 1. This end results or consequences of their actions is already beginning to develop on this planet.

    Many Elder sense it, but the people won't listen to them.

    Your anger is just a part of its development, there are so many anger young men in this world and they are confirming this through their atrocities against "Life". "Anger makes one a fool" (Ecclesiastes 7:9)

    Have a great day: Gray Fox the Elder

  3. Thank you for sharing. And YES, 42 Laws of Maat, or 42 Negative Confessions, or 42 Admonition to Goddess Maat, or 42 Declarations of Innocence or Admonitions of Maát, 42 Laws of Maat of Ancient Egypt, or the Laws of the Goddess Maat are the origin of the ten commandments.


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