I have Prostate Cancer: Be AWARE of the Disease

A digram showing the difference between a normal and cancerous Prostate : 
Courtesy of WebMD
A few weeks ago, I noticed some blood on my faeces, so I decided to see my doctor. While trying to determine what could be the problem, the doctor asked me; do you have any difficulty passing urine?

Hmm; I paused. As my father and uncle had prostate cancer; I knew instantly that I may have enlarged prostate gland since I do have slight difficulty passing urine.

However, the doctor couldn’t wait for my reply as he simply told me to lie down so that he can examine me. He put his finger through my anus and within seconds announced to me that I have enlarged prostate gland.

He subsequently sent me to 2 Specialist Consultants in order to undergo 2 separate tests - Colonoscopy and Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA).

Colonoscopy being performed - Courtesy of Wikipedia 
Colonoscopy is a process by which a fibre optic camera on a flexible tube is passed through the anus to examine mainly the large intestine for any polyps that can lead to colon cancer.

Thankfully, the specialist didn’t see any polyps but saw a sign of haemorrhage, which was caused by excessive consumption of chilli pepper.

By the way, the over 50s are advised to go for Colonoscopy because the earlier the polyps are detected the higher the rate of survival.

Unfortunately, my blood test showed that my PSA was high. And thus, the doctor sent me for MRI scan to see what is happening in my prostate.

And then, she prescribed Tamsulosin capsules to enable me pass urine freely. And she warned that one the side effects of the medicine is retrograde ejaculation, which is that semen will enter the bladder instead of passing through the penis.

A week later, I went for the MRI scan, which showed a suspicious image that required a biopsy to determine what it was. I was told to come back in 2 weeks for the result of the biopsy.

Anyway, on the day of the final result of my tests, instead of seeing a doctor, I saw a specialist nurse. At this point, I started wandering; why am I not seeing a doctor? Does it mean my tests are negative?

But, before I could conclude working out the situation, the nurse started narrating to me how and what brought me to their clinic. 

Of course I know what brought me to your clinic. And that was when I knew all was not well.

Nevertheless, she said to me; “I am sorry to tell you; the tests show that you have prostate cancer.” I laughed and I am still laughing.

As you can see, I am upbeat and more than 100% sure that I will not die from this ailment, moreover, I am not dying soon. 

And hence, I am not writing this post to draw sympathy from anyone. But if you would want to pray to God to save me, please, let it not be on the internet but in your heart, so that your prayers will get to God quickly. 

Likewise, those people who would pray (don’t know to who) that this stubborn guy with some obnoxious views should die from this disease, please pray harder but not be on the internet, rather, in your hearts, so that your prayers would be heard quicker.

Altogether, my reason for this post is to tell some men out there, according to the Specialist doctor; 1 in every 3 men over the age of 50, especially black men, has prostate cancer.

Overall, it will be a thing of joy to me if by reading my story some lives will be saved. So, take care of yourselves.

I am on a journey and I have allowed myself to be enrolled in some medical research; stay ‘tuned’ for further updates.

If you can; please spread the message by sharing this post!

…to be continued