If Pastors/Christians Believe They are going to heaven, Why Are They Acquiring Properties On Earth?

According to the Christian bible, Jesus was quoted to have said in John 8:23; "You are from below; I am from above. You are of this world; I am not of this world”. True to these words, Jesus lived a modest life. The bible didn’t record anywhere that Jesus married or had children.

Even Matthew 8:20 quoted Jesus as follows: “Foxes have holes, and birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head.” That means Jesus didn’t have a house.

But today, those people who created Christianity after Jesus seem to be interested in having many places to lay their heads while claiming that they are not of this world. Contrary to how Jesus lived on earth.

If you are a Christian who believes that you are not of this world, why do you keep acquiring properties on Earth? Again, if you believe there are many mansions in your father’s house in heaven, then stop acquiring mansions on earth. Or are you going to take the earthly mansions to heaven?

It doesn’t make sense as the heavenly mansions will obviously look better and more comfortable than the earthly ones. This is the kind of conflict Christians create on earth. Pastors and other church leaders will continue to preach – heaven is real and hell is real. Thus you have to do good to inherit heaven.

But these Pastors have mansions and private jets everywhere. They wear the finest garments that any of their members can only dream of. Yet, they want people to believe them when they say heaven is real.

If heaven is real according to these pastors, then what will happen to their properties and money in the bank when they die and go to heaven? I am begging for an answer because the manner at which these Christians chase wealth doesn’t suggest that they are planning to go to heaven. Even some pastors have setup Payment terminals in their churches as shown below.
On the other hand, there was a Christian even though he had a place to lay his head that didn’t have properties. Late Pope John Paul 11 of the Catholic Church wrote in his WILL; “I left nothing”.

But there’s a certain Nigerian Catholic reverend father who cannot honestly write in his WILL - ‘I left nothing’. This is because Rev. Fr. Mbaka has a lot wealth that he’ll leave in his WILL, especially his portable water processing company.

Besides, if other pastors are acquiring wealth because they have children who will inherit them, but who will inherit Fr Mbaka’s assets? This man swore an oath of celibacy, in other words he ought not to have a wife and children. Or has he?

In addition, majority of Nigerian and other African politicians are Christians that also intend to go to heaven. But these people steal Africa dry. They acquire wealth that they don’t need while the people suffer.

I think it will be better for these African leaders who claim to be Christians to start going to that heaven now so that the rest of the people will recover from their greed.

In contrast, it is only the Jehovah’s witnesses (Witness) that say they are not among those Christians who are going to heaven.

And that reminds me the encounter I had with one of them. I saw a Witness looking admirably at my village house. Then I asked him; why are looking at my house like that? He replied; I will inherit this house at the last day when all of you have gone to heaven. I didn’t no whether to cry or laugh.

Well, I told the man, please go and look for another house that you’ll inherit because I am not going to heaven. And so, this house will still belong to me at the end of your so called last day.

My point is; the few of us that have no intentions of going to heaven ought to be allowed to administer the earth. But these Christian countries (America and Europe) that are planning to relocate to another planet (Mars) are busy destroying the earth.

And these pastors and their followers that are planning to go to heaven and inherit the mansions therein should leave the earthly properties for us that will remain on earth. It will be unfair for these Christians to hold on to the properties on earth and still go to heaven and inherit the mansions in heaven.

By the way, if you are a Christian who wants to go to heaven, then you must live in the manner Jesus lived on earth - ‘Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head’. Otherwise forget about heaven and hold on to your mansions on earth.

Overall, if you become rich in the process of acquiring properties on earth; you might as well forget about heaven because according to Matthew 19:24; “…it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter the kingdom of God” – Jesus Christ