President Buhari: How Low Can You Go?

Buhari’s government is the most inarticulate administration that has ever graced this geographical space some people refer to as Nigeria.

The country’s economy and security have worsened since president Buhari came to power in May 2015. He inherited Boko Haram terrorists and since has added Fulani Herdsmen – another terrorist organisation that is ranked #4 in the world.

It is now certain that this administration is clueless on how to save the country from these menaces. Yet, the clueless head of Nigeria’s government (Buhari) wants a second term in office.

Buhari’s administration is so inept that it finds it difficult to give a dog a bad name to hang it. Buhari has been trying since 2015 to frame Senator Saraki (senate president) but lacks the knowhow to accomplish the plot.

The most embarrassing effort to cage the senate president happened today (24/07/2018). As early as 5am, every Nigeria’s security personnel was at the residence of senator Saraki either to arrest him or put him under house arrest - only them can explain their mission.

These half-baked police officers and co. could only detain Senator Saraki’s vehicles, meanwhile the senate president was presiding at the national assembly (senate).

They didn’t even have security intelligence that Saraki didn’t sleep in his house.

If Nigeria security organisations could not track the senate president (a golden fish with no hiding place), is it a faceless boko haram or a Fulani terrorist that they will be able to track?

This is the clearest sign that Nigeria is in a deep mess. By now, the world is laughing at Nigeria.

The devastation to Nigeria’s security and economy, caused by president Buhari’s ineptitude, will take the country several years to repair. Very pathetic.

Thus, let me ask Mr Buhari; how low can you go before you realise that you are not knowledgeable enough to lead the most populous African country?