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Friendly Fire From 'Field-marshal' Nnamdi Kanu: Firing At His Own People

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the supreme leader of Indigenous Peoples of Biafra (IPOB), the ‘prophet’, the ‘Messiah’ of IPOB, has risen from ‘death’. He ‘died’ in Nigeria but resurrected in Jerusalem.

From Jerusalem he will return to Nigeria bringing hell with him, in his own words. His hell is probably reserved for all those who do not believe in him and IPOB. Like all the messiahs, there’s always a second coming. At least this messiah is not coming back from heaven.

However, do you believe Nnamdi Kanu is in Jerusalem? If he is there, how did he get there? The man himself gave a clue. In his statement, Kanu thanked the Israeli government for their assistance. He’s trying to tell us, perhaps, that Mossad (Israeli intelligence) rescued him from Nigeria.

Well, that’s where Nnamdi Kanu let himself down. Even if Mossad took him out of Nigeria, would he be saying it openly? This alone shows his infantile knowledge of world politics and how secret services work. Those who have contacts, or work for CIA, M16, Mossad, etc are faceless. Their spouses don’t even know that they have something to do with the secret service.

Obviously, Nnamdi Kanu is not in Jerusalem. Again, if he is in Jerusalem, what stopped him from making a video broadcast instead of an audio? He released a video showing himself in Jerusalem, he ought to have made a video broadcast equally showing himself in Jerusalem.

He didn’t make a video broadcast because he is still hiding somewhere in Nigeria. Even British high commission confirmed that they are in the process of issuing Kanu with a temporary travel document. And no other country will welcome him with a temporary travel document except Britain, as a British citizen. 

Anyway, I hope Kanu is not becoming a friendly fire. A friendly fire is “weapon fire coming from one's own side that causes injury or death to one's own forces.” It seems to me that Field marshal Kanu is about firing at his own people.

How else can anyone explain Kanu’s outburst in this period that it appears Ndi-Igbo have accepted Atiku’s candidature? Kanu doesn’t want his people (IPOB) to vote in the general election except there’s referendum. 

For talking sake, who is likely to negotiate with Kanu, call it referendum or whatever; Atiku or Buhari? If it is Atiku, Kanu should encourage the emergence of the man who is likely to listen to his demands. Moreover, Ohaneze and majority of Ndi-Igbo want the restructuring of Nigeria, which Atiku supports.

As we know, the last time Kanu mentioned referendum Buhari sent his pythons (soldiers) to Umuahia, Abia state, to dance (kill). And the only regret Kanu had for his overzealousness is the killing of Jack, his dog. He is less concerned about the humans that died with his dog.

He is not even concerned that senator Abaribe, who bailed him, is about to lose 100 million Naira bail bond. According to Kanu, senator Abaribe and others who stood surety for him can lose all, their reward is in Biafra. It is all about Nnamdi Kanu and nobody else. Kanu’s selfishness has become bare.

Only Kanu knows why he’s firing at his people in this moment. It could be that Kanu wants to start solicitation for donations from IPOB sympathises all over the world. Or that Buhari’s agents have enlisted him to break Ndi-Igbo support for Atiku. With this Attitude, Kanu will surely lose the support of Ndi-Igbo who have sympathy for him, including myself.

Whatever Nnamdi Kanu has up his sleeves, Ndi-Igbo are going to gamble with Atiku’s candidature, and if he wins the presidential election, hopefully he will abide by his pledge to restructure Nigeria. Then Ndi-Igbo will develop at their own pace, which will eventually take us to the promise land.

Nnamdi Kanu, as your people (IPOB) call you the Moses of their time, I want to remind you what happened to the biblical Moses. God showed him the promised land but told him that he will not get to there.

Likewise, Chukwuabiama has shown you the promised land. You may not get there with us, but Ndi-Igbo are determined to get to the promised land, even with your friendly fire.