Air Peace Nigeria - Grounding of Boeing 737-MAX-8; Heaven Helps Those Who Help Themselves.

Soon after the Ethiopian airlines crash, The Ethiopian and so many other world’s airlines grounded their Boeing 737-MAX-8.

Even the British government went as far as banning the operation of the airplane (Boeing 737-MAX-8) within its airspace.

As for Air Peace Nigeria, the company has issued a statement that it is not planning to ground its own Boeing 737-MAX-8.

Their reason:
“We are still in the domain of investigation, but we want to assure the public that we are following the development very closely any step we take now will be premature until investigations are concluded.” – Air Peace Nigeria

Yes, investigation is still going on, but Europeans, Asians, North Americans, Ethiopia and South Africa, etc. have grounded their Boeing 737-MAX-8 planes until investigation is completed. That’s the definition of safety.

But Air Peace Nigeria wants to keep on flying their Boeing 737-MAX-8 until the investigation is completed. It doesn’t matter what happens next after all there is God who will continue to save us.

In fact, God has told all the airlines to ground their Boeing 737-MAX-8 planes, and they have obeyed except Nigeria who has decided to disobey God while waiting for God to physically come down and talk to them, perhaps through Rev. Father Ejike Mbaka, before they will obey.

That kind of response from Air Peace sums up Nigeria’s attitude towards safety of life and properties. It showcases ‘profit-first’ attitude of the businesses that operate in Nigeria than the welfare of the people living in Nigeria that they serve.

United Kingdom and other responsible countries who take the safety of their citizens and residents seriously have taken a proactive action.

But then Nigerian authorities are yet to issue a statement regarding the operation of the Boeing 737-MAX-8 in their airspace, as usual God will save us, but they forgot that ‘heaven helps those who help themselves’.