Hell Is Earth, Heaven Is Death

A Father’s Encounter With His Christian son (5)

Son: Papa; the way by which you worship your God can only be characterised as idol worshipping.
Papa: How do you think we worship Chineke?
Son: You worship your God by bowing down to idols.
Papa: You are wrong my son. Actually, our forefathers were very fearful of Chineke (God) and so they created the means of reaching Him instead of communicating directly with Him. But if Chineke didn't like the way our forefathers worshipped Him; He could have sent a messenger to redirect them as he did for the Jews.
Son: This is why GOD sent Jesus, His son, to bring mankind including NDIGBO back to Him.
Papa: Did you say God sent Jesus to NDIGBO?
Son: Yes; Papa.
Papa: What part of Igbo-land did Jesus visit? Besides, has anyone ever told you that Jesus visited our village? Even Jesus confirmed in Matt.15:24 that He came only for the Jews.
Son: Papa; you don’t have to behave like doubting Thomas in order to believe that Jesus is alive.
Papa: How am I behaving like Thomas?
Son: You said since nobody saw Jesus in our village therefore God didn’t send Jesus for Ndigbo.
Papa: Your bible said so.
Son: My bible? Where did it say so?
Papa: Where did your bible say that Jesus visited Ghana, Nigeria or any of the sub-Saharan Africa?
Son: Jesus told Thomas in John 20:29, "Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed."
Papa: Okay; I have heard. By the way where are you coming from?
Son: I am coming from Church service
Papa: Look at the time you are coming back from the Church.
Uncle: But the service at St Paul Anglican Church lasts under two hours?
Son: As a born again Christian, I now attend Miracles Pentecostal Church with my mother where our man of GOD performs miracles.
Uncle: Born again Christians and miracles! But miracle can happen anywhere including in that Anglican Church.
Son: I have not heard of any miracle that was performed in the Anglican Church, Catholic Church and their likes; have you?
Papa: Don’t mind him; his man of God performs miracle and he’s still unemployed. Let your Pastor perform a miracle and get you a job somewhere.
Son: My miracle is on the way by His grace. Anglican is a dead church and lacks spiritual touch when compared to my present church. In fact, these old churches have not deviated from those ancient practices.
Papa: Ancient practices? I thought Christians say they are new creatures that old things have passed away.
Uncle: Yeah; He is probably referring to things like Cross, chanting, incense etc.
Papa: Cross? I thought all the churches are decorated with Crosses?
Uncle: NO! Pentecostal Churches have replaced Crosses with Flags.
Papa: Flags?
Uncle: Yes! Like American, Canadian, British and other rich Europeans’ flags.
Papa: Okay, Church of all nations; how about Nigerian flag?
Uncle: Nigeria hasn’t got money? They only have flags of rich countries of the world. Churches of today think nothing but wealth and so they preach prosperity.
Papa: But if they are Christ-like; why don't they preach salvation like Jesus did?
Uncle: Sign of the time.

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