God Created Diversity And He’s Not Stupid

‘Why do black people tend to have big lips and white people seem to have small lips?’ I came across this question from an online forum, but I cannot recall exactly where.

Well, another person on the same forum responded; ‘because it’s natural…; it's like asking why the sky is blue and the grass is green.’

If it’s natural, and as we accept that God created nature, then, we must accept that it is the wish of God to vary His creations.

Although some scientists have tried to explain why Caucasians have pale skins, which they attribute to two genes — SLC24A5 and SLC45A2 etc. that lead to depigmentation, why do Caucasians have pointy noses and Africans have broad noses?

The answer to the above, according to scientists, is evolution. Nature has been evolving since its inception, they say. But has nature stopped evolving? 

Why haven’t the descendants of black Africans that live in the icy weather of Alaska started growing pointy noises?

Irrespective of what scientists say, it is my opinion that God loves diversity and that was why He created variety. God created different types of animals and within the specie of an animal, there’s variety.

For instance, in the cat family, there’s a Leopard, Lion, Tiger, etc. None of them evolved from another. God created them so.

Moreover, some of these animals have their natural habitat. For example, a Polar bear can never live in Africa but in a snowy icy environment. And that means God created the Polar bear in its present environment.

Likewise, God created humans within different environments, different features, and languages. Although some languages have evolved, where did Chinese letters evolve from?

Unlike scientists, my idea of evolution is migration, which different groups of people have been making in order to adjust to an appropriate environment to suit their features.

And that is why black Africans that live in Europe, Alaska, etc. still remain black and the Caucasians that live in South Africa have not evolved into black Africans.

As God created different kinds of humans so He created their peculiar foods. For instance, In Japan, they eat raw fish (sushi), which will be alien to Africans.

In addition, God allocated a way of life to the groups of people that He created. The way of life of a people is their religion.

In India, they have Hindus, Sikhs, and very few Muslims and Christians. The Japanese have Shinto; Buddhism is predominately in other parts of Asia. In the Middle East, they practice Judaism and Islam. Europeans are Christians.

But Africans who are supposed to be upholding their individual African practices have abandoned their way of life for Christianity. They think that God who created diversity is stupid. And that’s why we Africans are where we are today.

As for those groups of people that continued with the way of life allocated to them by God, prosperity has never departed from them. 

For example, South Koreans with their Buddhism, continue to rule the world with their technology. The same goes for Japan, India, Europe, Israel, etc.

Anyway, the Europeans who helped to destroy the way of life of Africans are of today the champions of diversity. The people that foisted Christianity on Africans as the only religion of God welcome different religions and cultures from London to New York, etc.

Clearly, God has no religion but, He created different ways of life for the groups of people that He created.

And the problem of the world today is that Muslims want to replicate how Europeans propagated Christianity as the only religion of God. And therefore, everybody must convert to Islam by choice or by force, which they term the true religion of God.

In all, I want all humans to realize that God is not stupid to create diversity. And forcing people to abandon their ways of life and accept yours is nothing but adjudging God otherwise. 

God created diversity for a purpose and hence, let’s respect that.

~liberate your mind


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