Is Homosexuality Alien to Africa?

The majority of Africans all over the world have been making a lot of noise about the legalization of Gay marriage by the US Supreme Court.

And so, a Facebook friend shared a post with me that has been gaining ground on social media. For the purpose of illustration, I have edited the post as follows:

White people, you are unbelievable oh!
You asked Africans to wear coats under the hot sun; we did
You asked us to speak your language: we obediently abandoned ours
You asked us to marry just one woman in the midst of plenty of damsels; we reluctantly obeyed. Now you want our men to sleep with their fellow men, And women with their fellow women so that God will visit us like Sodom and Gomorrah. As Africans; we say NO to Gay relationships.

After reading the post I told the fellow that I agree with some of the points the author raised but disagree that it was white people that asked Africans to become homosexuals.

He was incensed and quipped; are you Gay? I replied that I am not a homosexual but don’t have any problem with anyone that decides that’s what he/she wants to be.

Moreover, I reminded him that I am not defending Gay people; it’s just that we have to get the records straight. He asked what records? And continued – homosexuality is alien to Africa; an abomination.

Well, homosexuality cannot be alien to Africa. However, I completely agree that it is an abomination. In fact, sometimes the sound of a word can convey an entirely different meaning to it. For instance, abomination is a heavy word but it simply means dislike.

Invariably, when most Africans refer to homosexuality as an abomination; they are simply saying that Africans, their ancestors, and the land, etc. dislike the practice. And that doesn’t mean homosexuality didn’t exist in Africa. You cannot dislike what you don’t know.

For example, it is an abomination for a father to sleep with his daughter/daughter-in-law and vice versa. That is an abomination because it does happen. But in that case, some sacrifices are performed to appease the land according to the culture of the people.

All the same, it appears that it was white people that introduced homosexuality to the world. But it’s a lie; it’s just that they are open to who they are. 

And so, a Gay will not hide who he/she is. A white person who is an atheist will not hide his/her disbelieve in God. A racist will probably blow a black person apart with his shotgun – no pretenses.

Unlike some Africans; on a Saturday night they’ll visit a witch doctor to solve their ‘spiritual’ problems and on a Sunday they’ll go to Church to pray to God. They are neither here nor there. In the day, they are men with family and at night they are Gays in their social clubs.

By the way, in the 1970s when I was in boarding school during my secondary education in Nigeria, homosexuality was practiced in the school. Strikingly, there were no white people in the school then, and there was no internet; how much more social media. So how did the young boys of 11 – 17 years learn the practice?

Besides, it is an open secret that in northern Nigeria, the Hausa/Fulani Muslim people sleep with their fellow men. The general belief is that they do so in obeying the instructions of their medicine men. In addition, they sleep with boys for pleasure and their wives for having babies.

Perhaps, white people introduced them to this act because those medicine men are white people.

Homosexuality has been with mankind since man existed. Even according to the Christian bible, God commanded as follows; “you shall not lie with a male as one lies with a female; it is an abomination.” – Leviticus 18:22

Incidentally, this law was given before the birth of Jesus. And Jesus himself said that he didn’t come to abolish the law – Matthew 5:17. But those people (Christians) who claim to be following Jesus are now trying to change the law that their mentor said he didn’t come to abolish.

Unfortunately, most Africans reject homosexuality based on their Christian faith and not based on African traditions. And that is why President Obama advised them to climb down from their religious high horses and accept homosexuality.

It is very disheartening that it is Christianity that is propagating homosexuality. And that is why I am of the opinion that Christianity is a scam, which has indeed served its purpose – slavery and colonialism.

Actually, the sham is unraveling. Catholic and Anglican Bishops are now homosexuals. It is now pertinent to ask; what happened with God’s injunction; “you shall not lie with a male as one lies with a female; it is an abomination.” – Leviticus 18:22?

Now, it is either the Europeans and Americans that brought the bible to West Africa are blatantly disobeying God’s order against homosexuality or they've just confirmed that Christianity is a scam.

And to Africans, it is true that homosexuality is against African traditions but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t part of African society. Moreover, legalizing same-sex marriage doesn’t mean everyone automatically becomes Gay.

Even the US Supreme Court voted 5 to 4 in favor of the law, which means 4 Justices were in disagreement with same-sex marriage. Likewise in Europe, people tolerate Gays not because they like the practice but because the law made it so.

Overall, it wasn’t the white people that asked Africans to become homosexuals. Rather, the Western world is simply telling Africans to tolerate those people amongst them who may not be sexually straight.

~liberate your mind


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