MONEY: The Root Of All Evil?

Once upon a time (familiar story line), there were 3 characters: Big-Heart (BH), Little-Heart (LH) and Mr President. 

Big-Heart (BH) was a confident man who believed that one day the president of his country will visit him. This visit didn’t come as soon as he expected, but he never despaired as he was optimistic that Mr President must visit him.

Subsequently, Mr President started facing some political problems that required solutions that only BH can provide. Mr President and his large entourage drove noisily to BH’s house.

On sighting Mr President, BH told his wife that he would deal with Mr President for not coming all these years that he has been waiting for him, and for coming rowdily. 

Now perplexed, his wife asked him why and how, BH didn't answer her.

BH angrily walked to Mr President and told him to leave his house. BH equally removed the president’s hat as evidence that Mr President came to his house. Mr President’s OTIMKPUs (bodyguards) were enraged but Mr President intervened. He left BH’s house, a subdued man.

BH’s wife was so furious that she snapped; have we lost the opportunity that we have been waiting for years? A confident BH answered NO; a president’s problem is never done; he needs me, if Mr President came here, he will come again.

Two days later, Mr President returned to BH’s house anonymously and tabled his problems. BH listened and agreed to assist him but first required the president to undertake to solve his own needs, which Mr President asked him to list.

BH brought out list of young people from his community that require scholarships. He also itemised projects that he will like to see working in his village, including hospital, schools, water, electricity, roads etc.

Mr President asked BH; what do you need as a person? BH replied, if you do as I have asked, you have settled my personal needs.

On the other hand, Little-Heart (LH) was nobody in his community. If dreams do come through, LH has never dreamt of a presidential visit how much more realising such a dream.

One day Mr President was in LH’s community to ‘initiate’ a project. He decided to pay a surprised visit to one of the locals, LH was chosen. LH was overwhelmed by the President’s gesture. It was too good to be true.

At his house, Mr President asked; who are those beautiful girls? LH replied; they are my daughters; you can have them. I guess that’s your wife Mr President asked; she’s beautiful. LH again replied you can also have her; even my mother is there, you can equally have her.

Mr President asked; are you going to mortgage your soul because I came to your house? LH answered, why wouldn't I? You can even have me as a slave. Did I ever expect that Mr President will visit my house? 

Then, Mr President asked him, what do I give to you as a reward for all you have given to me?

LH responded; Mr President, I want you to remain my friend for ever. With you by my side I will chase away those pupils attending the village’s primary school and build my mansion there.

I will also convert our local hospital to my personal recreation centre without minding if those poor people will die; at least, with you by my side I can travel to Europe or America to treat myself if I become ill.

Also, there are some prospering youths that must be destroyed so that only my children will flourish. And so many other things I will tell you later… HAHAHAHA

Now let’s replace the President with MONEY.

If you know that you will be rich one day because you have worked damn hard all your life, there is 90% chance that you’ll channel that wealth to good deeds when the money eventually arrives.

That was exactly what happened with Big-Heart (BH). In fact, BH was so angry with money for its late arrival that he first subdued money before applying it to good causes.

How about Little-Heart who never expected to be wealthy in his life, but suddenly stumbled into wealth? Well, he fell stupidly in love with money, and that’s when Money Is The Root Of All Evil.

~liberate your mind