Donald Trump: Starting The New Year With A Bang –Third World War Is Not Here Yet

Iran Women Before The 1979 Islamic Revolution

Amazon uses drones to deliver parcels, and America uses drones to deliver missiles. And so, on 03/Jan/2020 (leap year) America’s drone delivered a missile to Major General Qasem Soleimani of the Iranian Army. The army General died alongside the people in his convoy.

President Trump who ordered the missile on behalf of Gen. Soleimani said he did so to prevent a war with Iran, while Iran said that the killing of Gen. Soleimani is, in fact, a declaration of war.

And we, the citizens of the world, are just there speculating what the outcome will be. Some people are suggesting that the situation at hand is a prelude to a third world war. And I am wondering who and who will be fighting this third world war.

China doesn’t like throwing money around except when it comes to granting loans to some corrupt African leaders. They may have sympathy for Iran but don’t expect them to be part of any third world war. If there’s a war, China will be busy making money while others are fighting.

Russia is an ally of Iran and a ‘superpower’ as they say. A ‘superpower’ that another superpower informed that terrorists were about to bomb his backyard. 

About 2 weeks ago, President Putin of Russia openly thanked America for providing the intelligence that thwarted a terrorist attack on Moscow. Russia will probably want to flex its muscles in support of Iran. And that’s, most likely, where it ends.

A few months back, Iran shot down an American drone and America didn’t retaliate. On 03/Jan/2020 America killed Gen Soleimani, I hope Iran will not retaliate. But if Iranians choose otherwise, let me remind them who they will be fighting against.

Is it surprising that there’s no single protest in the Muslim world against the killing of Gen. Soleimani? You shouldn’t be since 80-85% of Muslims are Sunnis, and they are against Iranian Shias. In fact, there’s frustration amongst Sunni Muslims for the belated attack on Iran.

Moreover, it costs a lot of money to prosecute a war. The cost of each Tomahawk missile fired by America is $1.5 million, perhaps that was the cost of killing the Iranian army General. 

And each drone (The Global Hawk), like the one downed by Iran, costs $220 million. For instance, $150 billion will be added to the debt profile of whoever fires just 100 missiles.

The Gulf Cooperation Council - GCC (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates) will be happy to see to the obliteration of Iran. And they have the money to support it with a combined GDP of about $3.655 trillion. Not even considering America’s GDP of about ($19.39 trillion)

Meanwhile, the combined GDP of Russia ($1.578 trillion) and Iran ($439.5 billion) = about $2.018 trillion. And we are talking about $150 billion per 100 missiles, excluding other military costs – don’t fire if you can’t afford it.

Thus, I don’t think Iran would like to escalate the situation unless they want to return Iran to the pre-Iranian revolution of 1979. Hence, the Third World War is not here yet.

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