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Imo State Supreme Court Judgement: Father Mbaka Was In The Loop

Supreme court removed Ihedioha as the governor of Imo state and installed Hope Uzodinma who came fourth at the election as duly elected, and hence the governor of Imo state. 

Forget about Mbaka’s prophecy, it was part of a grand fraud ever witnessed in the history of Nigeria’s judiciary.

Let’s solve the puzzle.

APC federal government asked Mbaka to prophesize the coming of Hope Uzodinma to taste waters in Imo state.

Unfortunately, Ndi-Imo didn’t believe Mbaka because even if Gov. Ihedioha was to lose at the supreme court, it appeared practically impossible that Hope who came fourth would be declared the winner.

Sadly, APC Federal government and the supreme court of Nigeria had a perfected plan in place for Hope Uzodinma to be declared the governor of Imo state.

As the hearing resumed today (14/01/2020) at the supreme court, Uche Nwosu who came second withdrew his appeal against Ihedioha. This was pivotal at the hearing. A deal has been struck to pave way for the coming of HOPE.

The implication is that even if Ihedioha was removed, the second runner-up (Uche Nwosu) will not be declared the winner of the election because he is no longer part of the matter.

The supreme court is now left with Chief Ararume (APGA) who came 3rd and Hope Uzodinma (APC) who came 4th.

The supreme court dismissed Ararume’s appeal and upheld Hope Uzodinma’s appeal. And that’s how HOPE came to Imo state – the show of shame of APC and the supreme court of Nigeria.

Puzzle solved.

But the most wicked aspect of this daylight robbery is the involvement of God through Rev. Father Mbaka’s prophecy – Most Unfortunate. Thank God I am not part of this sham called Christianity.

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