T. A. Orji & Sons 500 Billion Naira Embezzlement

Former Abia state governor, Chief T. A. Orji (TA), and his sons are alleged to have stolen more than 500 billion naira from the state’s coffers.

The alleged fraud happened throughout the 8 years TA governed Abia state.

Honestly, N500 billion is quite a lot of money for TA and sons to steal within 8 years in office.

Having said that, it is apparent that whatever revenue Abia state generated within the period in question was misappropriated by TA.

If that wasn’t the case, TA should tell us what he did with the funds accrued to Abia state during the 8 years that he governed the state.

Unfortunately, Nigeria’s democracy is hinged on “it is our turn to rule”. And so, it became the turn of Umuahia, which Ibeku people claim to belong to them. Thus, TA Orji (Ibeku man) became the governor of Abia state for 8 years.

Now, I have persistently asked, what legacy did TA leave to show that a man from ‘Umuahia-Ibeku’ governed Abia state for 8 years? TA’s sycophants always say; “you are not on the ground to know”.

Yes, agreed that I am not on the ground (whatever that means), but you people who are on the ground, kindly tell me what’s on the ground to show that TA Orji, from Umuahia-Ibeku, governed Abia state for 8 years?

Still, they are unable to point at anything because there’s nothing to point at. If TA overlooked Umuahia to develop other parts of Abia state, I still want to see what’s on the ground to that effect. Obviously, Aba is not one of them because that city is an eyesore.

Unfortunately, Umuahia’s ‘turn to rule’ has been utilized. And the man (TA Orji) who used ‘our turn to rule’ left Umuahia (Abia state capital) worse than he met it.

Even TA himself struggles to list his achievements in office other than that he facilitated the making of a certain Ngwa man (Okezie Ikpeazu) the governor of Abia state in fulfillment of Abia's charter of equity. Nonsense!

Besides, TA calls himself ‘a liberator’ that liberated Abia state from Orji Uzo Kalu and his mother together with their shrines and other gods they established in Abia state. In fact, TA didn’t liberate Abia, rather he freed himself from the chains Orji Uzo Kalu and his mother held him with at Okija shrine.

Chief, Sir, Ochendo worldwide, Papa-Ukwu, Senator T.A. Orji, Abia people totally ‘agree’ with you that you and your sons didn’t steal over 500 billion Naira belonging to Abia state.

However, they want to know what happened to the funds that Abia state generated between 2007 and 2015 since there’s nothing on the ground to show that the funds were spent on public services.

We are waiting…