"believe nothing… unless it agrees with your own... common sense." - Buddha

A drawing depicting the initiation of an Illuminati member. Universal Images Group / Getty Images

The criminal justice system in Europe, the US, and other developed countries uses a jury system to determine the guilt or innocence of an individual. These 12 people who make up the jury are just ordinary citizens. They are the test of reasonableness. 

Hence, to return a guilty verdict beyond a reasonable doubt, whatever the prosecutor says in the court must agree with the common sense of every member of the jury. Otherwise, the jury may return a no-guilty verdict.

This fundamental truth was emphasized by Buddha when he said “Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.”

Unfortunately, most Africans, and especially Nigerians believe things that cannot pass the test of reasonableness. In most cases, they believe the unbelievable because they adhere to a religion.

For instance, there is a general belief among Muslims that if a man dies as a martyr 72 dark eye virgins are waiting for him in heaven. 

Based on this belief, a suicide bomber will blow up himself and kill innocent souls just to go to heaven and inherit 72 virgins.

Let’s apply the test of reasonableness to this belief. When you die as a suicide bomber, your remains including your penis will be buried here on earth. If there’s a place like heaven, obviously, your penis will not accompany you there. Hence, how would you enjoy the 72 virgins?

Still, some people believe in the above nonsense even though it does not agree with their own common sense. In fact, they believe this crap not only because a ‘holy book’ said so, but because some ‘holy’ people have played on their desire of sleeping with minors to achieve their own goals - terrorism.

Another example of believing the unbelievable is what Christians call RAPTURE. Some people actually believe that a trumpet will sound and they will start floating towards heaven to meet God. At least, we know that God and His Angels are spirits. They are not flesh and blood.

Therefore, why would anyone believe that he can be part of heavenly things with his earthly body? Does that agree with your own common sense? 

The reasonable thing to believe is that for you to meet God, it must be in spirit. You know, like during a Christian's funeral service, the ministers say, dust to dust, ashes to ashes, and the soul goes back to God. This sounds reasonable to me.

Again, in this difficult period of COVID-19, there are so many conspiracy theories flying around. One such is that Bill Gates wants to depopulate Africa. Some even claim that Bill Gates created covid-19 so that he will use his vaccine to inject chips into their bodies, and then control them with 5G.

Before you believe this tale by moonlight, let's find out what a chip is. The shining part of your SIM card is an example of a chip. Now ask yourself, could it be possible for your SIM's chip to pass through a vaccine syringe?

Even if that chip is reduced to 45 nanometers, which is the smallest microprocessor (chips) INTEL produces at the moment, could it still pass through a vaccine syringe? Now, does it agree with your common sense that Bill Gates wants to use his vaccine to inject chips into your body?

By the way, what benefit would it be to Bill Gates to depopulate Africa? Fani-Kayode said that Gates is the Illuminati. You know, when they shout Illuminati they create, in your head, the picture of the 7 heads and 10 horns that John mentioned in the book of Revelation.

Well, Illuminati came from the Latin word - illuminatur, which means “enlightened.” They were members of a secret society who preferred to be known as Perfectibilists. They believed that humans could be made perfect. They were founded in 1776 and ceased to exist in 1785.

There are all sorts of ‘secret societies that exist today. There are Freemasons, Amorc, Ogboni, Witches Coven, the Church of Satan in the US, etc. 

With the freedom of worship that we have today, if the Illuminati still exists, though they were unwanted in 1785, they ought to have a place where they worship. There’s nothing like the Illuminati again.

Oh, they said if Bill Gates is not the anti-Christ (666), how did he know that a pandemic was coming? To answer your question, Carl Von Clausewitz said, “There are very few men who are the exceptions and can think and feel beyond the present moment.” I guess, if Gates was a Christian Pastor nobody would have questioned his prediction.

Moreover, while you were consuming alcohol and Nkwobi, having sex, and sleeping as if you were competing with the dead, some people were sober, awake, and looking into the future to see how to better the world. Bill Gates is one of them. Yes, he is the Illuminati - the Enlightened.

To further ‘prove’ their theory, the conspirators have circulated doctored videos showing Bill Gates talking about population control.

In fact, Bill Gates was recounting Malthusian theory of population, which Reverend Thomas Robert Malthus (an influential economist in the fields of political economy and demography) expressed in his book, “An Essay on the Principle of Population”, written in 1798.

Reverend Malthus argued that if the population grows more than the food supply, there will be poverty/starvation, wars, diseases, etc. To prevent this he said, “At all times, the population should grow in line with the growth of food supply.” 

And since this is seldom achieved, he advised that population growth must be checked. He identified two methods of checking the population - preventive and positive checks.

A preventive population check is a resolution to delay marriage and procreation until there is sufficient income to support a family. 

Igbo people of Nigeria practice this type of population check. The culture that Igbo Man must provide for his family prevents early marriages until the man is financially able to take care of his family. And Igbo men are mainly monogamous.

Whereas in northern Nigeria, the culture of early marriages, whether or not there are finances to take care of procreation, is permitted. 

In this area, the men are polygamous and a man can have as many as 15 children. They grow a population that they cannot feed. And this has led to starvation, wars, and diseases in northern Nigeria.

Bill Gates is saying exactly what southern Nigerians are saying about population growth in northern Nigeria. Their Almajiri system is a breeding ground for poverty, wars, and diseases. 

As such, there is Boko haram in the northeast, Bandits and kidnappers in the northwest, etc. These are the consequences of a lack of preventive population checks.

As Reverend Malthus noted, in the absence of preventive population checks, positive (natural) population checks will occur. 

According to Reverend Malthus, “a positive check is any event or circumstance that shortens the human lifespan, which includes war, plague, famine,” etc. This will reset the population growth in line with the food supply.

This is where the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation comes in - to prevent a positive population check. In fact, the Gates Foundation is all about saving lives rather than involving in depopulation.

And the effective way of beating diseases and saving lives is by staying ahead of the diseases. You do all that by investing in medical research, vaccine improvement, etc. And most of all, by predicting when the diseases may occur. This is what Bill and Melinda Gates are all about.

The sooner Africans start thinking strategically, the better for the African continent. We should moderate our religious dependence and focus more on Perfectibility. Jean-Jacques Rousseau stated that “people are capable of achieving perfection on earth through natural means, without the grace of God.”

Hence, South Korea invests in science and technology to produce the Samsung Galaxy and sell it to Africa. Africans invest in religion to produce nothing, then turn around to buy Samsung Galaxy from South Korea.

While you buy handkerchiefs and car stickers from your Pastors to protect yourself, your Pastors ride in bulletproof vehicles together with a convoy of policemen to protect themselves. Does that agree with your common sense?

~liberate your mind