Why Covid-19 May Not Be Killing As Many Africans As Expected

In 2020 when coronavirus started killing people in Europe, America, and the rest of the world, Western Scientists feared the worst for Africa.

They all believed, especially Bill & Melinda Gates, that Africa would be littered with dead bodies because of our lack of a proper healthcare system. Fortunately, that hasn’t been the case.

Why is Africa spared from the ravaging coronavirus? Bill Gates doesn’t know.

Nonetheless, some Pastors in Nigeria believe that it is the work of God. That is, God loves Africans more than other continents. OK, we thank God for that. 

Nevertheless, not all Africans are spared from covid-19, Africans in the diaspora die readily from the virus.
Experts explained that more Africans die from covid-19 because they are Nurses, Doctors, and other medical practitioners who are prone to contracting the virus in their line of duties.

And so, if God is the reason why mainland Africans do not die from covid-19, what is the reason why Africans in the diaspora die from the virus? Perhaps God loves mainland Africans more than the Africans in the diaspora.

But instead of crucifying Bill Gates as the Illuminati, Devil’s agent who wants all Africans dead, is it not reasonable to ask science why covid-19 spares mainland Africans but not Africans in the diaspora?

However, there are over 500 types of known coronaviruses and they “are typically found in birds and mammals. Analysis showed that the strain found in bats is similar to covid-19” ~NHS 

By the way, it is not only Bill Gates that is surprised by the low rate of covid-19 deaths in Africa. Professor Shabir Madhi, South Africa's top virologist said, in the early stages of the pandemic, "I thought we were heading towards a disaster, a complete meltdown."

Then the Professor suggested that "it seems possible that our struggles, our poor conditions might be working in favor of African countries and our populations. This is an enigma. It's completely unbelievable."

What are these poor conditions that may be helping Africans avoid covid-19 deaths? And we know that covid-19 most likely came from bats. 

Well, Africans have been living with bats for years. I even have a colony of bats on the roof of my house in the village, like most houses do in African villages. And most Africans also eat these bats.

Hence, it is possible that Africans have developed antibodies through our daily exposure to these bats that protect us from covid-19. 

Unfortunately, there are other Africans who have died from covid-19, particularly those people whose underlying illness have weakened their immune systems.

Thus, the antibodies acquired from the long period of exposure to bats and its associated coronaviruses could be the reason why Africans in the African continent avoid covid-19 deaths, while their compatriots in the diaspora who are not exposed to bats are not so lucky.

South Africa’s virologists are investigating why there are low covid-19 deaths in Africa. Their counterparts in Nigeria should also be doing the same. Let us for a moment leave God out of what we can do for ourselves.

In England, NHS is requesting men who have had coronavirus to donate blood samples to test for antibodies. 

“A positive result means…that it is likely you've had coronavirus before (even if you can't recall having symptoms). Though it is not possible to say when.”

Then those with high antibody levels would donate plasma, which would be used to treat people with covid-19.

In fact, Nigeria should be conducting random testing for antibodies. If statistics show that the majority of the population has antibodies for covid-19, why lockdown the country because Europe is on lockdown? In Europe, actions against covid-19 are based on data gathering.

Note: “It does not mean you are guaranteed to be immune (protected) from further coronavirus infection if you have high antibodies.” But it does mean that you have the antibodies to fight off the virus if reinfected.

It seems the exposure of Africans to bats and their coronaviruses may be the reason for the low rate of confirmed infections and deaths from covid-19. And not necessarily because God loves us more than the rest of the world. 

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