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Buhari’s Government Of ‘Repentant’ Terrorists

The criminal justice system assumes that there’s a probability for a first offender to re-offend. 

Hence, criminal records were developed to keep the data of criminals and the types of crimes they committed.

Since a re-offender will likely commit the same type of crime, the Police uses the criminal records system to eliminate suspects in relation to the type of crime they are investigating.

If you relate the above facts to the worsening security situation in Nigeria, it becomes apparent that Nigerians disregarded President Buhari’s past records of Islamic fundamentalism, bigotry, tribalism, etc., when he was elected in 2015.

For instance, in 2001 while addressing an Islamic seminar in Kaduna, Buhari stated; “I will continue to show openly and inside me the total commitment to the Sharia movement that is sweeping all over Nigeria… God willing, we will not stop the agitation for the total implementation of the Sharia in the country”.

Why is anybody in doubt that Buhari’s mission as a President is to implement Sharia throughout Nigeria. He started by opening all the borders for the migration of his Fulani people from all over west Africa into Nigeria.

The Fulani terrorists who came as herdsmen were armed to intimidate, maim, and kill Nigerians into surrendering their ancestral lands for Fulani settlement, which Buhari’s administration branded as RUGA.

If they had succeeded, Buhari’s “total implementation of the Sharia in the country” would have been completed.

Moreover, “if insurgency lasts for more than 24 hrs, the government has a hand in it”, according to General Sani Abacha. Now, you know why the war against boko haram has not ended.

It was Buhari that said attack on boko haram is attack on northern Nigeria when President Jonathan declared total war on boko haram.

In 2012, Boko haram picked Buhari as a mediator between them and the federal government of Nigeria. Their man is the president of Nigeria, how can the war on insurgency end?

I can write a book of instances where the characters within the present administration showed sympathy for terrorists and insurgents.

Even Bola Tinubu was quoted as follows: ‘Muhammadu Buhari is an agent of destabilisation, ethnic bigot, and religious fanatic who, if given the chance, would ensure the disintegration of the country. His ethnocentrism would jeopardise Nigeria’s national unity.’

And that is exactly what is happening now that Gen. Buhari has been given the chance.

Tinubu has since denied making that statement, obviously, he’s looking to be Nigeria’s president by the help of the almighty Buhari together with the cabals at the presidency. All the same, the real Buhari was captured in that statement.

Unfortunately, during the 2015 presidential election campaigns, Tinubu was among the select few who repackaged General Buhari as a “repentant man”.

Gullible Nigerians believed Tinubu and APC that Buhari was no longer the sadist, the Islamist, the bigot, that he was as a head of state in 1984 and beyond.

After Buhari was rebranded a repentant man, and subsequently became the Nigerian president, he packed his government with all manner of repentant terrorists sympathisers like Isa Pantami.

By the way, the federal government of Nigeria has leaped to the defence of Isa Pantami, the Communication minister, whose support for terrorists groups like al-Qaeda came to light. The government said, though he was a terrorist sympathiser, but he has repented.

As we have repented General Buhari as the Nigerian president, so we have repented Isa Pantami and others as Ministers. Then we have repented boko haram who are enlisted in the Nigerian army.

And so, we have repented bandits who met Sheik Gumi in the forest and paid by Kaduna state governor not to attack Christians, and to release hostages.

If you put all that together it means that Buhari’s administration is a government of repentant terrorists.

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