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“In every ending there is a new beginning.” - Deborah Harkness:

No matter whatever the mouth says, Oh Lord, you know what the heart means.

Last night (7/4/21) I slept like a baby. And in the morning (8/4/21) I woke up feeling like a newborn. But this man feels like a newborn was born well over 50 years ago. Does that make me a ‘born-again’?

The answer may lie in the knowing that, perhaps, I have never known what living like a baby feels like. I was born an adult baby, and so, I started living like an adult as a baby.

I lived like an adult baby because my father told me that the first son bears a heavy load in Igboland. Hence, I took up the challenge and can proudly pat myself on the back for a job well done.

However, I would like to think that the ending of 7/4/21 was a new beginning for me rather than being a newborn or born-again. This new beginning is like freedom from the adult baby that I was born as.

In fact, the ending of 7/4/21 and the beginning of 8/4/21 is my freedom from Ingratitude, falsehoods, treacheries, vindictiveness, etc.

It is my freedom from ungrateful Umu-Nne na Umu-Nna, freedom from cunning Ikwu na Ibe, freedom from selfish Ibe-Nne na Ibe-Nna, freedom from deceitful Ndi-Enyi na Ndi-Agbatobi.

In this new beginning, I will like to live like an adult. An adult remembers an injury, unlike a baby.

And thus, Oh Lord, as I set out to ask from you as an adult, I believe a prayer request should be stricter so that the reward would be greater, though you are a merciful God.

Therefore, in this my new beginning, Oh Lord, if I knowingly trespass against you do not forgive my trespass, as I will never forgive those that knowingly trespass against me.

Oh Lord, reward me with the measure that I give, just like I would reward others according to the measure that they give.

Oh Lord, in all, I take refuge in you, save, and deliver me from all who pursue me. But if I have a guilty hand, if I have repaid my ally with evil, let the enemy trample my life to the ground and make me sleep in the dust.

But if my hands are clean, arise, Lord, in your anger; rise up against the rage of my enemies. – Psalm 7.

No matter whatever the mouth says, Oh Lord, you know what the heart means.

~My mind is liberated.