A Black Man/African Is Easily Brainwashed

If a black man/African is not being brainwashed by a freedom fighter (supposed), he is brainwashed by an Imam (Islam) a Pastor (Christianity), or a Politician.

We cannot think for ourselves. We allow a freedom fighter to think for us, and nobody must question the ‘savior’.

We allow our Imam or our Pastor to tell us how to live our lives, even when to sleep with our wives. You must not question the man of god to avoid pestilence befalling you.

When our Politicians are enjoying the bounties of governance, they will never remember us.

But when they are short-changed by their fellow political vultures, they use ethnicity to divide us.

They will brainwash us to believe that an attack on them is an attack on us. 

And we will pick up arms to fight the battle of those who don’t care about us.

The point is that an African is easily propagandized. And that is why the numerous wars, poverty, diseases, etc, in Africa will never end.

As such, when we find ourselves in these difficult situations, we ask, who can save us? They answer – only God.

Then we turn to God for our problems of poverty, diseases, wars, etc to be solved.

Again, we are directed back to Churches and Mosques because they say that’s where God lives.

When we get there, who do we see? The same Imam, Pastor, and Politician that created our initial problems.

And thus, our problems would be doubled, and the cycle of wickedness would be reactivated. Very sad.

Chai! Where can we find our true savior? When we liberate our minds.

~liberate your mind.


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