Prophet T.B Joshua: A Man of God Or A Satanic Man?

When I heard of the ‘sudden’ death of Prophet TB Joshua (TB), my initial thought was, so these men of god are mortals after all. How could a man who performed all unimaginable miracles die young, and suddenly?

During his time on earth, TB performed incredible ‘miracles. For instance, his mystical surgery on a woman ‘afflicted’ with a fibroid tumor was beyond belief. In the presence of everyone, TB caused the fibroid tumor to fall off the woman’s vagina in a pool of blood. Remarkable!

Nonetheless, the source of TB’s powers was contentious. His followers called him a true man of god. But his fellow miracle doers (Pastors) believed that TB’s powers came from Satan. 

Pastor Chris Okotie even tweeted that the Wizard (Witch) of Endor has died. Whether TB was of God or of Satan, "thou shalt not judge". It is left for him and God.

Here’s my opinion about TB.
David Copperfield is an American magician - the "greatest illusionist of our time". Magic is considered a trick in the Western world although it means entirely a different thing in Africa.

However, Mr Copperfield magically transported a father from an audience in New York to meet his son who was waiting for him at Miami Beach. This illusion was performed live while the audience watched the reunion of father and son on a big screen. To date, other magicians are still trying to figure out this trick.

Thus, I like to believe that TB Joshua was David Copperfield among African pastors. TB performed illusions that other pastors couldn’t figure out. Unlike other American magicians who didn’t attribute their inability to figure out Mr. Copperfield’s illusion to Satan, African pastors attributed their inability to work out TB’s ‘miracles’ to Satan.

Hence, these pastors became jealous of TB Joshua. Most of them have more than 5 Ph.D. degrees. TB who probably didn’t attend a secondary school took the shine off them. But it takes a lot of intelligence to be a great illusionist. 

Yes, you need education to acquire knowledge. But if you have knowledge, do you still need education? TB had knowledge, so, he didn’t need education. Just like the Bill Gates of this world.

In their confusion, these pastors noted that TB was not mentored by one of the senior pastors like Daddy GO (Adegboye). These pastors went through senior pastors to learn how to speak in tongues and perform tricks (‘miracles’).

African pastors know that they neither talk to nor hear from God. Every ‘miracle’ they performed was a scam. But TB’s ‘miracles’ looked real. And since TB didn’t learn his tricks from the senior pastors, he became a man of Satan in the eyes and minds of other pastors.

TB himself was not always accurate with his future telling whether he was of God or of Satan. Last year (2020) at the height of the epidemic, he predicted that coronavirus would disappear in July the way it came.

In fact, instead of the virus disappearing at the end of July/2020, it intensified. More people got infected and later killed by the virus. Actually, I believe TB died from COVID-19, but his church and its members will never admit it.

Obviously, these African pastors read magical books and watch magical performances. For example, Apostle Suleiman tried to recreate David Copperfield’s trick of transporting a father to reunite with his son in Miami. Rather than perform the trick, Suleiman told the story.

Apostle Suleiman told his followers that god asked him to tell a pastor in Spain to travel to France and minister to his followers. But this pastor complained that he stays in Spain illegally, and therefore, he has no legal documents to travel to France. Suleiman told him to proceed to the airport as god directed.

At the airport, the pastor joined the queue at the check-in desk, with no passport, and no ticket. As it was approaching his turn to check in, god asked him to go inside the airport’s toilet. While inside the toilet at the Spanish airport, god told him to leave the toilet. When he came out of the toilet, he found himself in France. What A Story.

In summary, none of these so-called men of god, including TB Joshua, is of God, and none of them is of Satan. They are all magicians who prey on vulnerable people. The difference between them and TB is that TB is a more advanced trickster than all of them.

~liberate your mind - Hell Is Earth, Heaven Is Death


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