A Lesson To IPOB (Biafrans): “Power Is Taken, Not Given” – The Taliban Is Back In Afghanistan

After 20 years of fighting the Americans and the western backed Afghan government forces, The Taliban has declared that the war is over.

The Taliban never gave up. They fought from the mountain caves of Afghanistan. 

They never asked for a referendum, they kept on fighting. 

Even when they entered into negotiations with America and the Afghan government, it was a stunt. They knew that power is never negotiated, it is taken, not given.

Equally, the Taliban knew that America’s wars are influenced by public opinion, and that once the public opinion changes against the war in Afghanistan, the end would come. And today, Taliban commanders have taken over the presidential palace in Kabul.

In contrast, we have the indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) who are demanding for an independent state of Biafra. They are requesting for a referendum from the Nigerian government that would eventually lead to the establishment of the republic of Biafra. Unlike the Taliban, IPOB believe that power is given, not taken.

While he was a freeman, IPOB’s supreme leader (Mazi Nnamdi Kanu) kept misleading his followers. He would tell them how the United Nations (UN), the European Union (EU), Israel and etc. would ensure that a referendum is conducted in ‘Biafra land’ - with  his slogan, Biafra is coming soon.

Curiously, since Nigerian government kidnapped Mazi Kanu from Kenya, none of his supposed contacts at the UN, EU, Israel, etc has mentioned his arrest. Not even the UK on whose passport Mazi Kanu was travelling has considered it necessary to give him consular services in Nigeria.

Obviously, IPOB copied MASSOB’s approach of non-violence, non-cooperation for the restoration of republic of Biafra. Chief Uwazuruike of MASSOB was equally inspired by Gandhi’s non-cooperation movement, which persuaded Indians to stop cooperating with the British. Gandhi's aim was to induce the British to grant independence to India.

Like the Taliban, Gandhi was aware of public opinion and other human rights movements in a democratic Britain. He was aware that non-cooperation would ground British operations in India, and that Britain would never resort to human rights abuses.

But Gandhi's strategy was against the British, and not a fellow Asian. IPOB ought to know that no African nation had willingly granted independence to any group within its country. All independence in Africa became possible after a bitter war. 

DIM Ojukwu initially chose a dialogue that ended in Aburi accord. But there was a war because Nigeria rejected the Aburi accord.

Eritrea fought a bitter war with Ethiopia before it got its independence. Tigray region of Ethiopia are currently fighting Ethiopian federal forces for independence. South Sudan fought Sudan for independence, and etc.

And thus, if IPOB want an independent Biafra, they should be ready to fight for it. Like the Taliban fought from the caves, IPOB should be fighting from the bushes in the south-east and from the mangroves of the south-south.

Asking for a referendum WILL not give IPOB Biafra. Asking people to sit at home every Monday WILL not give you Biafra. Buhari does not understand the meaning of public opinion, and he does not respect human rights either, because democracy is non-existent in Africa.

The only language African leaders understand is war. Boko haram and ISIS of West Africa want an Islamic West Africa. They didn’t ask for referendum, they picked up arms to fight for it. They know that power is taken, not given.

Hence, IPOB should do the needful if they truly want an independent Biafran republic. Propaganda do not win wars and will never grant you independence. The UN, EU, US, etc, do not intervene in countries’ internal affairs until blood start flowing everywhere.

By the way, why would Buhari and his Fulani jihadists give up the advantage they have at the moment. Allowing Biafra to go would amount to depriving themselves of their only source of income – southern crude oil and VAT.

One more thing, the first Biafran war lasted for about 3 years because DIM Ojukwu fought from the bushes of the south-east. The terrain was inaccessible to the allied forces. Even the Uli airstrip was covered with leaves after the landing and departure of Biafran supply flights, to conceal it from the Nigerian intelligence forces.

As the Taliban have the caves in Afghanistan so do IPOB have the bushes of south-east. Therefore, IPOB should start fighting for Biafra if they are serious, otherwise, let Ndigbo be. “Power Is Taken, Not Given”.

~liberate your mind