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Gov. Umahi - Aturu n'anyure Odu-ya...

Whether or not Ebonyi state is part of Biafra is really not the issue.

The problem with Gov. Umahi is, at any given opportunity he will tell Nigeria and the world how Ebonyi people are/were marginalised by other Igbo people. This is a lie.

Igbo spirit is highly competitive. If you choose a lay-back position instead of working hard, who then do you blame?

Anambra state is the richest state in Igbo land, and Nigeria in general, due to their hard work.

Would other Igbo people now say that they are marginalised since they didn't work as hard as, or harder than, ndi-Anambra?

Umahi's opinion is as divisive as (if not more divisive) the activities of IPOB that he detests.

Mr Umahi, denigrating Ndi-Igbo will never make you the president of Nigeria. Think again.

Gov. Umahi, liberate yourself from mental slavery otherwise you will become Aturu n'anyure Odu-ya chere na ona anyure Obu nnaya (the Sheep that believes he is defecating his father's parlor without knowing that he's messing his tail).


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