Governor Soludo, The Solution: Let The Biafra Of The Mind Begin

Biafra is an ideology. It represents freedom, political independence, economic independence, etc. DIM Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu deemed the political independence of Ndigbo as Biafra of Land and our economic independence as Biafra of the mind.

DIM Ojukwu fought for political independence (Biafra) and lost. After the Biafra war, upon reflection, perhaps, DIM Ojukwu concluded that Biafra of Land would be impossible to achieve, except through dialogue. 

Until the restoration of Biafra of the land, Ndigbo should pursue economic independence, which is Biafra of the mind.

Professor Chukwuma Soludo is now the governor of Anambra state, and by extension, the governor-general of the Igbo nation - in my opinion. Governor Soludo totally subscribes to the doctrine of Biafra of the mind.

The emergence of the agitators of Biafra independence resulted from leadership failure in Igbo land. The notion that Ndigbo is marginalized in Nigeria is a distraction from the real enemies of Ndigbo.

“A man’s enemies will be the members of his own household”- Matthew 10:36. Southeast governors are Ndigbo’s enemies. 

How could the non-appointment of Ndigbo in Buhari’s government translate to Igbo marginalization?

According to Governor Soludo, if federal appointments could transform Ala-Igbo, then Igboland would have been shining like Dubai by now. 

He noted that Igbo people populated the administration of President Jonathan. Yet, nothing to show for our presence at Aso Rock.

For instance, Senator Stella Odua was the Minister of Aviation from July/2011 to February/2014. She was replaced by Chief Osita Chidoka. 

Yet there is no standard international airport in AlaIgbo. Perhaps, it was the Fulani that directed them not to improve Igbo airports.

Moreover, Chief Anyim Pius Anyim served as Senate president, and as the secretary to the federal government during President Jonathan’s administration. 

What did Ndigbo gain from those positions that he occupied on behalf of Ndigbo?

Now, Chief Anyim and his Ebonyi brother (Gov Dave Umahi) want to be the president of Nigeria on the premise that it is the turn of Ndigbo to produce the next president of Nigeria.

Gov Soludo, during one of his public talks, asked the proponents of the Igbo presidency to explain what they meant by that. Is it having an Igbo man in Aso Rock donning a red cap?

Furthermore, Soludo noted, that if occupying Aso Rock would bring prosperity to Ndigbo, then northern Nigeria wouldn’t be the poverty capital of Nigeria. 

The elites of northern Nigeria have occupied Aso Rock more than the other geopolitical regions since Nigeria’s independence.

In addition, when you say Fulani herdsmen are destroying our farmlands because their brother (President Buhari) is in power, remember the Land Use Act 1978. 

“This Act vests all land comprised in the territory of each State in the Federation in the Governor of that State…” 

It is the governor of each state that issues the certificate of occupancy (CofO) to anyone to occupies the specified land.

And so, Igbo governors have the constitutional powers to stop Fulani herdsmen from occupying our lands and destroying our crops. 

They won’t take this action because they are corrupt and for fear that EFCC will come after them.

All the same, Biafra of the Mind involves developing Ndigbo’s competitive advantage in Nigeria. 

The envied Igbo apprenticeship ought to be developed further and enshrined in our statute books. Who should be responsible for this? Igbo governors.

There must be technical schools in Igboland that will improve artisans. Car repairs have gone from trial and error to diagnosis. Car production is moving from traditional fossil engines to electric motors. 

We have to prepare our youths for the future. Who should be responsible for this? Igbo governors.

Our universities should become research institutions. Those who couldn’t proceed to universities because of low grades from secondary education, or out of preference, should be provided with vocational education. Who should be responsible for this? Igbo governors.

Our commerce must be given the enabling environment to flourish. It must be encouraged to move from traditional marketing to e-commerce. Technology and Igbo ingenuity must be aggressively rejuvenated. Who should be responsible for this? Igbo governors.

Let me ask if there are no monthly crude oil proceeds to share in Nigeria, won’t we survive? The excuse for low monthly allocation must end. 

It is promising that Gov Soludo understands that it is the responsibility of a state governor to provide an enabling environment for economic growth.

As Gov Soludo starts his economic development from Okpoko slums near Onitsha, his success in this difficult and dangerous adventure will set a precedent for other governors of the states in Igboland. 

In all, we can only wish Soludo the Solution luck and say, Let the Biafra of the mind begin.

~ liberate your mind


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